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Jun 17, 2007 10:41 AM

Postrio in Vegas - any recent reports

Considering having dinner at Postrio in July, but have not seen any recent reports. Thoughts?

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  1. have lunch instead. if you don't love the lobster club, i'll give you your money back.

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    1. re: raider

      Raider, you just took the words out of my mouth! That Lobster Club is incredible! =)

    2. I just went there for a business dinner a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent. I had the beet and goat cheese "napolean" and it was quite tasty. Others at the table were drooling over the tuna stuffed calamari appetizer, but I did not have a taste. I had the seared ahi for a main course and it was quite tasty. Others at the table had quail, pork and steak and all seemed pleased. That said, given the vast choices iof nice restaurants in Vegas, I probably would not choose to go back to Postrio (although the lobster club sounds quite tempting) given the wealth of other restaurants out there, but it is a solid choice.

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        Was there in Dec and March, I would highly recommend for lunch...although dinner I would say could be optional - lots of other good choices.