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Jun 17, 2007 10:21 AM

Quiet Please: Anywhere Left to Go? And I don't want to bump elbows or know about your trip to Paris

i am totally aggravated with the prevailing mood in LA (and American) restaurants-- noise.

although i liked going to Jiraffe the noise drives me away. same for Nobu, Brass Cap, Spago, Mozza, Lucques, AOC, etc. There are many places I won't go to b/c I hear they're loud (chinois, opus, la terza for ex.).

Then there is the lack of space. I don't want to hear anything from the next table, let alone
be crammed in. but people order drinks and get louder and louder by the minute. people send me to places that they say are quiet and it simply isn't true.
A place is quiet if you can whisper at the table.
A place is too loud if you have to raise your voice to be heard.

i go to the omakase sushi bars usually, which are quiet.
La Cacchette is ok if you get there early enough, same for Melisse. but those aren't exactly places i always want to bring my kids.

I like to linger, stay several hours. sometimes halfway into my 4th course the crowds start arriving-- i walk out.
I'm looking for other places.
Quiet places with a great chef (and no publicist), a table not jammed in with another. Are those days really over in America? To me it is a sham.

i may have to move, unless i hear of some decent recommendations.

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  1. Maybe it was just the time I went, but the patio at Joe's was quiet in the evening.

    But I TOTALLY agree with you! I hate being bumped (I wrote a letter to the manager at Zucca beause I was bumped all night long by waitstaff who did not even excuse themselves). Its tough because my mom is really sensitive to the noise, and she will not go back to a place if its noisy. I recently had a good dinner at Blairs but would NEVER take her after 7 PM because we would not be able to comfortably converse. She even thought Napa Rose was too loud (I did not).

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      1. You've really touched upon some restaurant issues that have become deal breakers for me too. It seems most people don't seem to mind being crammed in like sardines and having to endure loud conversations from adjoining tables. Have you tried Josie in Santa Monica?? It might be what you are looking for.

      2. once went to I Cugini in santa monica VERY early evening, and it was relatively quiet.

        1. agree, Josie's in the back or by the fireplace...also maybe Catch at Casa del Mar hotel, by the window...

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          1. re: Local

            The Belvadere in Beverly Hills is very quiet.

            1. re: handlertaper

              not much information about the food at Belvedere, even on Chowhound... this one is tempting, even though when i stayed at the hotel a while back i found that things sometimes didn't live up to their wish to extract dollars from us.

              1. re: handlertaper

                I remember sitting at a very quiet table in the Belvedere, when suddenly an entire basketball team of 10 showed up (all hotel guests), sat in the tables immediately near, all hell broke loose.

            2. Isn't PROVIDENCE relatively quiet?

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              1. re: Liquid Sky

                The main dining room isn't that quiet but the smaller room to the rear is. As with any restaurant, it really boils down to who's sharing the dining room with you.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  we were in the back smaller room and it was pretty quiet, it's got to vary night to night and completely dependent on who is on either side of you. At Providence there is a lot of talking going on since the waitstaff is pretty detailed about it is in the course they are bringing you if you do the fixed menu.

                2. re: Liquid Sky

                  No, obviously you've never been there! :)