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Jun 17, 2007 09:43 AM

OPUS = easily one of LA's top 3 restaurants

Second visit to Opus the other night...and quite frankly if you like food and have not been to this place you are REALLY MISTAKEN

Egg yolk in shell with bacon and cream -- A+

Sweet Pea cold soup in shot glass -- A+

and one of the best appetizers I have ever had ...
Pork Belly with Octopus and Watermelon -- A++
While not typically huge fan of Octopus, the chunks of pork belly over delicious sweet Octopus combined with pickled watermelon made for one of the best dishes I have ever ate.

Hand Torn Pasta with Grapes - A
second time enjoying this dish - just so delicious

Sundae desert - carmel and choclate over ice cream...B+ - I will give the edge to Mozza's carmel dessert

and service is great

previous review of OPUS:

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  1. Radman, your review is right on the money! they are one of the best!

    1. jonathan gold did a review on opus yesterday on good food and i think he called it LA's most underrated restaurant....and LA's best restaurant you can just walk into.

      i must try.

      1. I completely agree, Opus is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants. We went last night. I am a big fan of octopus, and the octopus and pork belly salad was the best octupus I've ever had. When I ordered it I was a little iffy about the pickled watermelon, but oh my gosh, it was delicious! The hangar steak was perfectly cooked, frites delicious. My husband ordered the hearts of romaine salad and ate the whole thing. I have never seen my husband polish off an entire salad before, he says it's the best he's ever had. The staff was really excited about the review...I ordered a glass of prosecco (which wasn't listed on the bar menu but I had had it before, so they brought one for me) and they gave my husband a glass gratis because "we're celebrating the review." Very nice! The only slightly off thing, the coffee they served me was warmish the first cup, and the second cup was downright cool. Everything else was great though.

        1. I'm so glad Opus is getting good press, both here and in papers. It's one of those places I hope does very well.

          1. Great article for them in Wine Spectator recently too!

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              really?! That's good to hear. I went early on and experience awful wine service and a weak list, but per the board, it seems the wine (and a new sommelier) have greatly improved. Time to go back...