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Jun 17, 2007 09:42 AM

help needed urgently!

hi guys,im getting married in the irish college,rome on the 2nd of july,we only have four guests with us and are going for a full works meal after.(with in reason)
can anyone help me with locating a restaurant not to far from the college/chapel???? also what would the best way to get there after wedding? priest usually helps with transport help,but i would rather sort it out myself.

if there is any more info you think i should now, please feel free to pass it on.

yours brian mcnamee

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  1. Whre is the Irish College located?

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    1. re: CJT

      sorry, via dei santi quattro,1-00184,roma.

    2. First of all, congratulations, Brian. With such a small group, you should be able to get to the reception with a couple of taxis. Do you have any sense of what kind of restaurant you would like - fancy, folksy, expensive not too expensive? Private room or is it ok to be in the main dining room. I've got a few ideas, but would like to hear a little more from you.

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        well it is my wedding day and i don't mind paying a bit extra(with in reason)the main restaurant will do fine,i would prefer outside dining but not a must and traditional..
        i am getting married at 11am,probably out for about 1ish,should we dine at that time or what would you recommend??
        thanks brian

      2. Go to Agata e Romeo, which is intimate, elegant, and delish. And you can walk in about 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can take a taxi anywhere. You needn't stay in the neighborhood.

        I walk past the Irish College all the time, so I know exactly where it is. In fact, the Tuttocittà always used to give the street name there as Via Oliver Plunkett, but the street sign on the spot never reflected this. In any case, the best restaurant in the area is Agata e Romeo, which is world-class and wonderful.

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          is it easy to get taxis outside the college?

          1. re: celtbhoy

            not right outside. you'd have to walk to Piazza San Giovanni, which is huge and sprawling, and I'm not sure where the taxi rank is. But you can phone for taxis. At that time of day, it shouldn't be difficult, unless there's a strike, demonstration, downpour, or other act of God.

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              Agata e Romeo is pricey, so be aware of that in advance. If you are looking for a good restaurant near the Irish College, Cannavoto is located in the piazza facing the side of S. Giovanni in Laterano and you can easily walk to it from the College. Not as fancy as Agata e Romeo, but an alternative which should satisfy your location and appetites with no need for taxi. Check first to see if they are open on your wedding day, a Monday (better do the same checking for any choice, as Monday is a popular day for weekly restaurant closings.

              1. re: CJT

                should i go straight from wedding or go for drinks first??
                what is the name of that place? tried to google such place.

                1. re: celtbhoy

                  Brian, CJT has the name spelled wrong. It's Cannavota. Still, I'd stick with MBFANT's recommendation. It is your wedding, after all.

                  1. re: bropaul

                    Thanks Bropaul. I was going to bow out of this thread, but I really have to say I don't care for Cannavota. We used to go there years ago, but our last visit was pretty much of a bust and we haven't been back. And it's walking distance from where we live. But even if I liked it, I would have to say it's a bit too bustling for wedding material. I presume they'd like a glass of champagne and a minimum of elegance.

          2. I second Agata e Romeo. I second just taking a taxi to just about anywhere in Rome. I add Il Convivio- Troiani, Vicolo dei Soldeati 31 06 68 69 432 (Cl SU and MO lunch). Your occasion merits places of this level.