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Jun 17, 2007 09:21 AM

A Yard-Full of Dill

My parents have been trying to grow dill for years. Now that they have committed to getting their garden relandscaped, the dill has finally decided to make an appearance. Landscaping begins at end of the month (too early for cukes for pickle-making in their neck of the woods) and they really want to use as much of it as possible. They're making salmon with dill tonight. Any other recommendations? Anything that will save (preserves or freezables?)

Any and all recommendations welcome -- bonus points for recipes!

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  1. Hungarian Mushroom Soup from the old Moosewood Cookbook calls for a substantial amount of dill.

    1. Silver Palate's tomato dill soup (or your own version), made with canned tomatoes, can freeze for later.

      1. I've read that you can chop up fresh herbs, and put them in an ice cube tray with a bit of water, freeze them, then store them in a freezer bag for later use. Never tried it, but seems reasonable.

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          Yes, this works. It's not as tasty as using fresh dill, but it's definitely closer to that than dried dill.

        2. Anyone who grows herbs needs a great book called "Herbs in the Kitchen". Some general useful tips for your dill:
          Egg dishes
          Use in poaching liquid with parsley
          Fresh tomato soup with dill
          Dill Mayonaise
          Dilled beets, borscht cold or hot
          Use in vinaigrette or just sprinkle over salad greens
          Russian and Eastern European recipes

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            Too hot here to grow dill, an herb I miss terribly. Dill is essential for gravlax, fabulous in cooking pot with boiled new potatoes with skins, stunning in a mustard sauce (made like mayo from mustard with oil, salt and a bit of sugar to form a thick emulsion) to eat with cold crab, shrimp, any kind of cold fish. Stuff bellies of whole fish with dill before cooking on the grill, use in a cream sauce for lamb, poaching liquid for whole shrimp, etc. etc. Any Scandinavian recipe in addition to the Russian ones.

          2. I love dill! One of my favorites is to incorporate it into a roasted chicken. Put a handful of it inside the cavity with a sliced lemon. Then make a compound butter with lots of chopped dill. Stuff this under the skin at the breast and thigh, and run the rest of it over the top of the chicken.

            You could make lots of dill compound butter and freeze it. It wil last for a month or two.