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Jun 17, 2007 09:12 AM

Le Creuset - big problem - cleaning help


I just melted a spatula in my dutch oven. I was in a rush with my Father's Day dinner and didn't use a heat proof tool. So, this plastic is melted and hard as a rock on the bottom of my dutch oven. Any auggestions for getting the plastic off or is it ruined?

Thanks so much..

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  1. Holy cow, Steph - how hot was that pan? (just kidding). You've got a serious problem, Have you contacted Le Creuset? They are famous for their customer service, and might be persuaded to give you a new one, or at least have some suggestion on how to unattach that chunk of plastic.

    1. You've already tried reheating it on low then "deglazing" with really hot water?

      1. Have you tried a scouring pad that is safe for non-stick cookware? Might not even be a possibility if that plastic is REALLY melted to the pot. Maybe you could try it after you try chrisinroch's suggestion. Good luck and please let us know what happens (I have 2 Le Creuset pans I love so I share your pain).

        1. Check out this thread...some really good ideas that would probably work for you too!!

          How do I remove melted plastic from my stainless steel pan?

          Let us know if anything worked.

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            Hi Guys,

            Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. I tried to deglaze the pan, hot soaks, et cetera. I did get a good bit off - but ended up scratching the pan pretty badly. So, I'm going to check out that last thread and call Le Creuset on Monday (closed today).

            I'll let you know what becomes of this.

            Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it

          2. i had a house fire a number of years ago and there were melted plastics, smoke from plastic on some of my LC. It is amazing what heavy duty oven cleaner and parience will do. I'd spray it well, put in in a plascit bag and sealt and put it in the sun. It should come tight off. If not give it another try.This of course will not scratch the enamel either.