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Jun 17, 2007 09:07 AM

Sam's Chowder House - SJ Mercury review

Today's review by Aleta Watson gives Sam's Chowder House three stars - has anyone been there recently? Her review:

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  1. Yeah, I'd be interested since the owner of Cetrella sold his interest there to focus on Sam's.

    Sheesh, the Mercury News now requires creating a free account and sign-in. What a drag.

    1. My wife went there a few weeks ago with some coworkers and raved about the place. Food, atmoshpere, everything sounds great.

      1. Actually, I just got back from Sam's a little bit ago. I had the lobster roll which was outstanding, 12 oysters and a beer. It was fantastic! The view is outstanding today because the sun's out. It was funny, I ate at the bar today and the guys on either side of me also got the lobster roll and both raved about it. I've had the chowder and that's great as well. I like the fish market too because it's nice to come in, have a glass of wine and then pick up shrimp and crab cakes for dinner. Sometimes I eat dinner or lunch and then take food to go to cook later. I love that place.