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Jun 17, 2007 08:24 AM

lunch between Oakland and Mendocino

We will be driving from Oakland to Mendocino next Friday. Any suggestions for a lunch spot about half way? Thanks.

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    1. re: bennyboy1

      The route through Willits is not the most direct route; Route 128 is the normal route, especially if you are staying just south of town. That said, and having tried most of the options, I'd opt for a picnic at tbe Navarro wineries...

    2. Where in Mendocino? Coast? Inland?

      A lot of good choices in Sonoma County

      Cafe St. Rose in Santa Rosa is a great lunch spot.

      Here is a review

      We ate there a number of times when we lived North. The chef, Mark Malicki is really wonderful. His soups were always multi-flavored, creamy bowls of yumminess.

      I loved the pork sandwich on soft rolls.

      Everything we ate there was great

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      1. re: Enorah

        on the coast, just south of the town.

        1. re: camstan

          There is a great Mexican restaurant on 128 called Lola's. I can not remember if it is in Philo or Booneville, though. That would be about 3/4 of the way there for you. Lola's is a mom and son operation. Authentic, down-home Mexican.

          While in Mendocino our favorite spot to dine at is always the Mendocino Cafe

          1. re: Enorah

            Lola's is in Boonville, in the location of the old Horn of Zeese location. Glad to hear you like it, there haven't been any reports yet on CH that I've seen. Can you give us any more details, ie when you ate there, what you liked, etc.?

            Lola's should not be confused with Libby's, which is a Mexican restaurant in Philo. Personally, I thought Libby's was ok to good, but not great, and not a great value either:


            (since this posting, I've tried the taco truck in Boonville, can't say I was particularly impressed with it either. Definitely not of the same caliber as those Salinas trucks Melanie Wong and others have been writing about...


            1. re: susancinsf

              I ate the chicken flautas and my honey had the carne asada. At the time she was making her own tortillas and chips. Salsa and guac were great. Real queso on the flautas. We also had a delicious salad while there, organic greens and citrus on the leaves.

              The menu is not huge, but really good everything. I has the enchiladas there once as well.

              Mom is in the kitchen and her son serves.