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Jun 17, 2007 08:19 AM

La Marjolaine Bakery in Sunnyside

What's good here? I went there this morning for a chocolate croissant and was very disappointed. It was the usual non-authentically French, Wonderbread consistency, dwarfing a small amount of chocolate deep in the center of this brick of bread.. I always hear good things about this place, but if they can't get a croissant to have that delicate, flaky
consistency, how can I trust they'll do other pastries well? Also, everytime I walk by the bakery, that old, yellowing wedding cake they have in the window just turns me off. Petty, I know. Perhaps I'm just a grumpy old man. ;-)

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  1. They used to have that special kind of almond croissant that's got the extra layer of goods baked over the top (some other place in Brooklyn makes it that way, don't know the name, anyone?), with generous gooey almond paste inside. I don't remember their chocolate croissants.

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      they do still have good cookies.

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        I remember now, though I've never had their cookies, I ldid like their fruit tarts - just the right sweet/tart balance. I think there was a plum tart that was especially good, and reasonably priced.

    2. Dunno. I was dissapointed with a tiramisu I tried; it tasted like fridge. I really didn't see any baked goods that looked appetizing either. I was a bit surprised considering the hype it's gotten. Maybe an off day?

      1. I used to go to this place with my grandmother (who still lives down the block) years ago and we used to swoon over the buttery napoleons and croissants. I find the quality has dropped dramatically in the last 5 years or so. I was under the impression the owners sold the place.

        Isn't this in Woodside, not Sunnyside?

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          It's on ther border, I'm not sure if it's in Woodside or Sunnyside though, as I haven't figured out which street is the border between two. One friend lives on 52nd and is in Woodside, other is on 49th and is in Sunnyside - both off Skillman... Though south of Queens blvd, Woodside stretches at least as far as 47th street I believe - very confusing...

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            i'm wondering if people like it here b/c there's really not many alternatives in the area in terms of a good bakery?

            i walked by a place called nita's european bakery - it looks more filled with goodies and cleaner... it's near greenpoint, 40th st? anyone heard anything good about this place?

            1. re: Linda

              Yes, I've been raving about them forever but apparently nobody else tried them.

        2. I grew up around the corner, my parents still live here and yes the place was sold about 5/6 years ago and then again about 2 years ago. The original owners were French, as my mother is, and we used to get great pastries and cakes. The quality has definitely deteriorated, although I still buy some things. The croissants are decent, almond croissants, mocha/coffee eclairs and on weekends they have good checkerboard cookies. Do not get cakes or any of those fancy pastries in the case like the tiramisu or raspberry mousse pastry. The bread is not good either. The apple and apricot tarts are decent, but try the chicken patties wrapped in puff pastry are really good.

          You can buy fresh puff pastry to bake with, I usually call ahead to order it. I ask them to roll it out, otherwise it comes in a square piece. It's about $6 a pound.

          It is Woodside, Skillman between 51 and 50 streets.

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            I agree that the tiramisu and some of the mousse-y type pastries are better elsewhere, but the bread remains totally legit, as do many of the cookies up front. Best bet: The fruit tarts up front are the real deal, as mentioned.

            There's not a bakery in the area that competes, and if you ever enjoy a cookie or pastry at a cafe or restaurant nearby, it's a 50/50 shot that La Marjolaine baked it for 'em.

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              i also saw orders for various orders from local establishments, like bread and such for aubergine, saints and sinners, the black kettle...