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Jun 17, 2007 07:15 AM

'Awesome' Chicken Liver Pate

A few years back, I had the opportunity of tasting one of the most delicious chicken liver pate, west of France, from the kitchen of Anthony Nuth's Herbs. Since then, I have been trying to locate similar calibre pate all over Toronto, but without success, until yesterday evening!! My foodie buddy and I made an impromtu visit to Jamie Kennedy wine bar. To our surprise the place was literally empty. A weird phenomenon for a saturday evening ( may be everyone's gone to Little Italy instead?!). Anyways, one of the appertizer dishes we ordered was their 'chicken liver pate'. WOW! what great tasting pate!! Ultra silky smooth with a touch of sweetness and not a hint of liver bitterness. It can easily rival the best of Foie Gras pate from France and at only a fraction of the price!! Now, I'm addicted to it and am planning a revisit ASAP. However, this time, I'll bring along my Cholestoral lowering medicine!!

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  1. Was there actually last Friday dined at the restaurant side and the place is full house ! So strange it is empty on Saturaday.

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      1. I LOVE the chicken liver pate at JKWB. Always consitant and I always have it!!!

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          Indeed it is good. But I'd argue it is even better - and served with more toothsome sides and in a larger portion - at Barberian's.

        2. Cava's (yonge and st clair) fois gras and squab liver pate is amayzing!!!! I highly highly recomend it.

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            Tried the Squab liver and Foie Gras mousse ( one of four items on their chacauterie platter ) at Cava tonight. It was good and ultra creamy but I still find JKWB's version slightly more delicious ( personal preference, may be?! ). Overall, I find Cava's food so-so. In fact, I wasn't that impressed with Chris Macdonald's cooking whilst he was cooking at Avalon. Other dishes we ordered this evening were:
            - Clams with chariso sausage. OK!
            - Grilled Octopus. Rather tasteless.
            - Fried salt cod cake. Way too salty.
            - Beef tripe. One of the better tasting dishes. Tripe very tender but quantity extremely small.
            - 48 hrs beef cheeks. Very tender but Torito's version much better value and tastier.
            - Venison skewer. The highlight of the evening. Nicely done!
            - Papas fritas. At $9, way too expensive for a cone of French fries. They only charge $7 at Splendido!
            - Catalan custard dessert was OK
            - Molten chocolate cake. Amongst the best in town

            $180 for two excluding service. For that amount of money, I would head down to Pastis for a much tastier and cheaper meal!

          2. I recently had the chicken liver pate at Rosebud... it was stunningly good. I'd have it every night if I could.