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Jun 17, 2007 05:45 AM

SW Ohio Bike Path Eateries

This summer we've been hitting the bike paths quite a bit. For those who don't know, Ohio has an extensive network of bike paths, mostly paved over old railroad tracks. One of the prettiest is the Little Miami Bikeway. We've been from Springfield OH down to Morrow OH on that particular trail, and find that Peaches Grill in Yellow Springs in one great place to eat and rehydrate (alcohol counts as rehydration, right?) Their food is mostly bar type stuff (burgers, quesadillas, etc) but they use fresh local ingredients as much as possible, and since they're in Yellow Springs, they have decent veggie options. The Mexican Pizza is a homemade tortilla, layered with cheese and tomatoes and is especially good with the optional black beans.

We also stopped for a drink at the Little River Cafe in Oregonia OH yesterday but didn't eat, and didn't see any food as it was mid-day and most of the patrons were drinking beer. In a previous incarnation, the Little River Cafe had very good food, again focused on local and seasonal, however, it appears it's morphed back to the biker bar type place it began as. Anyone eaten there? Anyone have any other recommendations for eating (or drinking) places on any of the SW OH bike paths?

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  1. A few places:

    The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, which is just off of the Lebanon Countryside Trail (an 8-mile arm of the Little Miami Bike Trail between Morrow and Loveland), is the oldest inn in Ohio and serves pretty good pub grub in their tavern and good homestyle in their restaurant -

    Also, I believe the Train Stop Inn at Foster in Maineville (also between Morrow and Loveland) serves food and sits right on the river and the bike path.

    And... the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs is right off of the trail on Xenia Ave - - just noticed that the June issue of Cincinnati Magazine raved about this casual and comfy joint.

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      Although we've been to Lebanon many times, we've never eaten at the Golden Lamb. There's a place in Lebanon called Wild Bill's (or something like that) we went to on the advice of a friend who's a chef, and it was decent. We've been to the Winds many times as well (it's a favorite), but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in bike clothes Peaches we sat outside. We'll check out the Train Stop Inn; thanks for the tip.

    2. If you are willing to drive over to central Ohio there is a path between Johnstown and Newark that goes through Granville. The path is about 15 miles long. You could eat at the Granville Inn.

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        Thanks; sounds interesting! We have some time off work coming up, and we just might drive over and do that. Have you eaten at Granville Inn? Would it be appropriate to sit outside when wearing biking clothes? It looks a little fancy on-line!


        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          Granville is a college town. You should be fine for lunch. There are other places to eat if you are especially sweaty and/or self-conscious.

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            We went to Granville on Tuesday (did the 28 mile loop from Cherry Valley to Johnstown, then drove over to Granville). We ate at the Brew Cafe and were VERY impressed. We shared a spinach and butter lettuce salad with candied walnuts, apples, cranberries, and blue cheese, and a pizza with duck sausage, wild mushrooms, and a spinach garlic pesto instead of tomato sauce. It was all good, and we ordered the caramel creme brulee to take home. It was excellent as well. We enjoyed Granville and intend to go back and try some other places...the main drag was blocked off to traffic in preparation for their 4th celebration, but it looked like there were quite a few chow-worthy places. Thanks for the recco!

      2. Niki:

        Just for your edification, the Little River Cafe does, indeed, serve food, and it's actually quite tasty. The owner and chef, Mark, prepares a good variety of daily specials, and there's a good selection of appetizers, sandwiches, and full meals on the regular menu. The house salad dressing, made fresh daily, is a unique and tasty addition to any salad.

        Although the Little River is a favorite stopping place for bikers, you'll find them to be the friendly, next-door types that you'll find right in your own neighborhood, and because the local roads are the hilly, turning, rural byways favored by bikers, you'll find that the visits are most often short-lived and sociable.

        The next time you get down that way, stop in for a meal. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

        OregoniaDuke (a local resident)

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          Thanks, Duke; we'll do that. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we stopped in last weekend, so we weren't looking for food - just liquid refreshment. But we'll make it a point to time our next bike ride down that way to include lunch at Little River Cafe.


          1. re: Niki in Dayton

            I second OregoniaDuke's suggestion. We rode the bike path about a month ago and stopped for a drink and late lunch on a Sunday afternoon. My hubby had great fish and chips and I had an ok Chicken Salad sandwich, which came with a really yummy side of fresh fruit. The folks were really nice there and lots of bikers of both types! Enjoy!