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Jun 17, 2007 01:11 AM


I went back to mitsuwa in torrance to get my takoyaki fix and they were gone! i guess it was a "traveling" eatery. does anyone know where these people go next? or where I can get really good takoyaki or even good japanese street food?

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  1. Sounds like you happened to hit Mitsuwa's special event, their "umai matsuri"... I think they came from Japan just for the event. You may want to try some of the izakayas, but I don't know of any other setups in L.A. similar to the one you saw. (Though in lower Manhattan Otafuku opened up an Okonomiyaki/Takoyaki consession, lucky for them...)

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      call me crazy but i may fly to NY just for those. thanks!

    2. Haru Ulala has been serving takoyaki recently.

      1. The little shop in Weller Court in Jtown had them when I was there in May. I'm sorry I don't recall the name of the place, but they are most known making the manju that looks like two small pancakes with a dollop of anko in the middle. Geez, I'm having brain freeze - I've eaten those things all my life and I can't even remember the name of those manju... anyway, they did have them. You can't miss the place - it's at the end of the court that is off of 1st Street.

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          I believe that's Marukai Market, and the pancakes with anko in the middle is called dorayaki. (A long-established shop in Little Tokyo is Mitsuru Cafe; they make dorayaki behind their front window...)

          Your post reminds me, I once saw them making takoyaki inside of Nijiya Market, the one on Sawtelle just above Olympic...

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            Yes, I've gotten some at the Nijiya market, but they were watery and bland. Very disappointed, although I'd be willing to try again if someone had a better experience...

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              Thanks for the report... My recollection when I saw them doing the takoyaki at Nijiya was that they did not look very appetizing, and so I passed up on them at the time. As I recall they had a pretty crude setup; I believe they had the takoyaki pan going on just a regular cassette-feu, and they were also cooking something else up at the same time. The whole setup looked very much improvised.

              But I always wondered how they were and whether I had passed up on a good thing. Looks like I didn't miss anything!

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              Thanks Cgfan, I think it's Mitsuru Cafe - they're the ones close to 1st street in the courtyard where everyone gathers around the front window to watch the dorayaki being made, right? They had the takoyaki iron out as well...

              1. re: bulavinaka

                It probably is Mitsuru Cafe, but it's not dorayaki they make. They make imagawayaki (or known as obanyaki). Dorayaki are the ank sandwiched between two pancakes (you won't find a homemade version of this in the US though).