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Jun 16, 2007 11:00 PM

JONS Market - love the produce

If you are looking for local, in season, reasonably priced produced, try Jons. Since their mission is to offer rock bottom pricing, they only carry what's in plentiful supply that they can carry cheaply. Last week their cherries were 1.99 a lb. Cheaper than either farmer's market I go to and the same quality. They don't have the widest variety, but what they have is good stuff!


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  1. HAHA- "discuss" we shall. You need to keep a close eye on what you are buying. Sometimes, the produce has been fantastic. Yes, the prices are fab...I often get broccoli crowns at 79 cents per pound! I have bought some beautiful mangoes and blood oranges at JONS. HOWEVER, the produce sometimes looks far less than desirable. In particular, the lettuce and spinach are often wilted and brown. Not good.

    1. I agree with you about JONS produce but I also love the selection and prices in their deli counter, bakery, and International Foods aisle. I go to the JONS on Golden West between Bolsa Ave. and McFadden because where else in the Huntington Beach area could I get low-priced fresh lox trimmings, Russian/German/Hungarian/etc. meat & cheese coldcuts sliced to order, a hot Mexican food counter, and hear customers speaking languages from Polish to Vietnamese to Spanish?

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        And Armenian!

        Actually, one of the best things about Jons is the Mexican cheese department....ooohh...good cotija and queso fresco!

      2. Their prices are so good on produce that I fell I'm getting ripped off whenever I shop for the same items elsewhere. Typical pricing examples: Tomatoes on the vine, 89 cents; radishes, cilantro, Italian parsley, green onions, all 5 bunches for a dollar. Plus they offer a huge variety of fresh herbs for 59 and 69 cents. Everyone else charges $1.99! Don't even get me started on their varieties of dried and fresh chilies!

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          why is produce so much cheaper at ethnic markets?

          1. re: greengelato

            My personal theory is that the major stores use produce to make up their profits that they lose on "loss leaders." People tend to comparison shop for things like meat and poultry but not for produce. For example, they go where top sirloin is on sale, and don't think about how much they're paying for a head of lettuce.

            Just what I think.

            1. re: markethej

              A-HA! Which is why we vegetarians (or those of us who are not "organic-obsessed") head to JONS and VALLARTA!

              1. re: running pig

                My suggestion is Elat Market on Pico Blvd. one block east of Robertson. This is a kosher Persian market, which has some absolutely unbelievably priced produce, as well as lots of middle eastern specialties, and an impressive bulk nut section. Generally has higher quality produce than I see in the Mexican markets. Overall I find the ethnic markets to excel in vegetables, but not to be so great in fruits; they never seem to have nice stone fruit.

            2. re: greengelato

              The chains are union, the little guys tend not to be.

          2. Concur! Love the Jon's on Colorado in Glendale Blvd.

            1. Do they sell basturma at Jon's?

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              1. re: love2eat

                They usually have it at the Glendale location.