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Jun 16, 2007 09:33 PM

Maybe I shouldn't have made that reservation...

Have you ever made a reservation a long time in advance at an expensive place where it's hard to even get a table and then wondered if you're making a mistake by going to such an extravagant expensive place?

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  1. Yes! We just cancelled a lunch reservation at the French Laundry, within the time limit so we were not charged. We had to make this reservation a long time ago so that we could get it in the first place. Then, we could only get Saturday lunch, not dinner. My husband does not like to dress for lunch (he wears shorts most of the time) and he didn't want a big heavy lunch meal, he didn't want to be locked into being somewhere at a certain time and, it was going to be a very expensive adventure and we had just spent a small fortune on medical bills for our cat, whom we had to put down four days before the reservation. We were feeling kinda sad and not in the mood for an expensive lunch when Lily's vet bills had just been so exhorbitant. I was a little disappointed in our decision because I've never been there but all the stars were not aligned

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      Unrelated, but I'm sorry about your cat.

    2. I ended up cancelling. The decision was really haunting me. Maybe within the next year my finances will be better and I'll have better clothes to wear out to a top-flight restaurant. The restaurant in question was Citronelle in Washington DC and a reasonable meal there with tax is about $300 for 2 people - it's the # 12 rated restaurant in the country by Gourmet Magazine.