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Jun 16, 2007 08:59 PM

Kosher Quito

We'll be in Quito, Ecador for a few days next week (including Shabbat). Anyone know of Kosher restaurants, bakeries, and/or take out?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There aren't many Jews in Ecuador and there certainly aren't any kosher eateries. However, Quito did have an apparently thriving synagogue/Jewish community centre when I visited there some years ago. A casual Google search didn't provide a phone number, but it does exist. You might turn up something with a more thorough search, and there is probably info in the South American Handbook. You could also try contacting Galapagos Holidays in Toronto for info about it.

      1. Hi! So last year I hooked up with the rabbi of Quito's only synagogue. I met his family, went to his house and went to the Yom Ha'Shoah service. He is very friendly and speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish. The Jewish neighborhood in Quito is called Los Cabildos and it is BEAUTIFUL. It is also very very safe, so feel free to walk around there without being on-guard. I can get you (or anyone else) his phone number/address (I would have to look it up, but I have it in my journal and would gladly do so). You would have to call him prior to showing up to their shul because the security is insane. The synagogue is amazingly beautiful and they want to see like 2 forms of ID to enter (including your passport!!!). My e-mail is is anyone has any Quito/Jewish questions. Also, there are NO kosher restaurants in the city. Trust me, I walked for hours in vain looking for lox and bagels!! Ahah!

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          artwoman, with all due respect, unless you are giving that number to someone you already know and trust, why would you reveal someone's private telephone number to an anonymous person from a website. I'm sure embee is a thoroughly lovely human being, but if the rabbi's security is so tight, there's a very good reason for it.

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            Actually, if you just google "Rabbi Quito Ecuador" you will be able to get the address of the shul and the name and phone number of the rabbi and rebbitzen, so while I agree that no one should offer someone else's phone number to a third party without permission, in this case, the info is widely available online. And Chabad isn't usually too worried about giving their contact info out anyway.