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Jun 16, 2007 08:52 PM

Food in Seattle

I will be in Seattle with my family as well as another family June 23rd-25th. Any suggestions on good food but not too fancy for the kids? They are 9-12.

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  1. El Puerco Lloron, on the Pike Place Hillclimb
    Senor Moose
    Sunfish - take the water taxi and free shuttle
    Jack's Fish Spot, in the market

    1. Buca Di Beppo
      Spagetti Factory

      Both are Italian
      Both serve family style
      Both are great with kids.....

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      1. re: Besosmom2

        yes, and both are disgusting and both are chains.

      2. After researching on my own, which isn't necessarily the best way, I came up with the following possibilites: Restaurant Zoe, Crush, Harvest Vine, Salumi (lunch), Tamarind Tree and Cafe Juanita. If you have opinions on any of those, I would love to hear them.
        The kids are all great eaters and can always find something they like on a menu. Thanks for your input!

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        1. re: debbyx1x

          As a frequenter of all the restaurants mentioned above, I'd say only Salumi and Tamarind Tree are kid appropriate.

          1. re: hhlodesign

            i would agree that Salumi and Tamarind Tree are more casual than the other listed places, but i have seen (well-behaved) kids/families at Cafe Juanita and Crush, although fwiw the food at those places is more high-end than they would probably normally eat. Zoe is a bit dark and uncomfortable imo and kids might get antsy there.

          2. re: debbyx1x

            Salumi is a great idea for lunch, but it is crowded at mid-day. If you can wait til after 2:00, you have a better chance of a leisurely experience. Tamarind Tree is elegant, but a little pricey. The 7-courses of beef is a lot of fun. THe kids will be talking about the nonstop parade of dishes for years. Green Leaf, nearby, is more economical, but also very good. Get the Bahn Xiao.

            1. re: mrnelso

              I'm not sure I'd call Tamarind Tree pricey, though maybe I'm looking at a different part of the menu than you are. I usually get the chicken curry which is about $6 or $7. It's more expensive than your average pho/bahn mi Vietnamese place but there seem to be a lot of inexpensive entrees on the menu.

              I agree on El Puerco Lloron for lunch; I loved it when I was a kid. Then, go up the stairs a level for gelato at Procopio. It's also close to the aquarium and is part of the Pike Place Market, two fun places for kids.

              Your kids might also really like Agua Verde. It's sort of a creative take on Mexican food with a lot of organic ingredients. Mango quesadillas, yam tacos, etc. Best, it is right at the water's edge with a great view from the deck, and there's a kayak rental shop downstairs. Make it an afternoon of food and kayaking. FYI, it's closed on Sundays.

              1. re: seattledebs

                I did not intend to say that Tamarind Tree is unreasonable, it is surely a good value. In fact, it was about time they raised their prices. I am also happy to know Green Leaf, another good venue for fine Vietnamese food, with even lower prices.
                Thanks, Debs, for reminding me of Procopio, another Pike venerable.

          3. Green Leaf is delicious but pretty small. I don't know whether they take reservations but I would call ahead with a big group. I would recommend Steelhead Diner. It is a delicious newcomer and I can't see any problems with kids. Brunch would be great there. I also agree with Barleywino that Zoe would be the least comfortable/appealing for kids. Crow (at the bottom of Queen Anne hill) or recently opened sister restaurant, Betty, at the top of the hill would also be good additions to your list.

            1. Heck, fish and chips at either Anthony's on the waterfront or Little Chinook's out at Fisherman's Terminal. You can get an outdoor table at either location.