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Mosaic and the Four Seasons

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We ended up choosing Mosaic over Sassi and dinner there on Friday evening. didn't find many reviews here when we were deciding so I thought I'd pass along our experience.

It was a very enjoyable experience. The room is upscale casual and very comfortable. The view of the sunset over the rocks and desert was beautiful.

The service was excellent. Pace very relaxed so if you enjoy spending time not being rushed over your meal this is a place to try out. We're not big wine drinkers but if you are the wine list is extensive and the sommelier seemed very knowledgeable and approachable.

The food was excellent. There are three tasting menus offered which considered but opted against. One of the signature dishes is the Thai Shrimp and Coconut soup which I had. It was most delicious but be aware it's a generous serving and between the coconut milk and peanut sauce quite rich. For entree I went with a black cod...perfectly panseared and served wtih a snow pea and bok choy saute. Husband went with the Prime Tenderloin which was perfectly cooked and delicious as well. For dessert we had a hazelnut rice pudding served four ways: with figs, quince, almonds, and pears. It was definitely creative and tasted really good(though not maybe not what you'd expect for a high end dining dessert option).

In all it was a really wonderful meal and if you're in this end of the valley definitely worth a visit. The bill before tip was $160 which included a scallop starter we split, two first courses, two entrees, the dessert we split and two glasses of wine.

10600 E Jomax Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
(480) 563-9600

As an aside we were checked into the Four Seasons for a couple days. I know someone else here mentioend taking advantage of the summer special. We didn't eat at Acacia, the high end dining room, but we did have a couple meals at the casual restaurant and were pleasantly surprised by the food. Definitely better than most resort food so don't be afraid of using the dining credit on the special for a meal or two.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm glad you enjoyed Mosaic. We've always enjoyed ourselves there, but I'm guessing the location keeps it from the "list" of restaurants we think about. Thanks also for the Four Seasons update. We're heading there in a couple of weeks, and it's good to know the food credit will go to good use.


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      The Boulders also has a summer special (as low as $129, just booked ours for $139/night for July 3-4) and I think we'll follow your lead and round out the getaway at Mosaic as well...can't wait.

    2. Thank you for the review. It's been a bit too long ago, since we last dined at Mosaic. It was great then, and am glad to hear that it's still going strongly.

      One thing to consider, if someone is doing a "Summer Deal" at the 4 Seasons, and want to do Mosaic, they might want to check the Summer schedule. IIRC, they close/closed for much of the Summer. That may well have changed.