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Jun 16, 2007 07:16 PM

fatty's & co

anybody been lately? recommend or no?

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  1. I went about a month ago and thought it was pretty good for a veggie joint. The sloppy joe with fake meat was quite tasty, and I liked the hearty, eggplant-filled gougeres. However, I thought the service was less than stellar--we waited quite a while for our reservation and my waitress attempted to whisk plates away from me thought I was clearly not finished. I have some pictures up here:

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    1. I've been a big fan since they opened and even though they've made some drastic changes from a casual coffee shop vibe to more of a fine dining vibe, it's all still very good. Just went 2 weeks ago and enjoyed my meal very much - lentil moussaka. My bf got some sort of fake steak which had a little too much going on flavor wise. I have had terrible service problems in the past (the waitress brought food out that we didn't order and then refused to take it back and bring out the food we did order) but they've certainly been working on it. Overall, I would def. reccomend Fatty's for a nicer night out. But call before you go b/c they have a strange schedule.