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Jun 16, 2007 07:03 PM

great kid-friendly chili?

my kids have recently re-discovered that they like chili--any reccomendations? we live mid-wilshire but are up for adventure...

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  1. Yes! Go to The Griddle Cafe on Sunset near Fairfax. They make specialty, slow-cooked chilies and usually have three flavors available (from a cycle of many). All the ones I've had have been absolutely excellent. Hopefully the flavors won't be too exotic for your kids, but at least one of the flavors should be pretty straightforward, standard chili. (Lots of other good stuff at the Griddle, search the board and you'll find tons of reviews.)

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    1. re: QualityMart

      I believe they use Chili My Soul Chili, they donot make their own.

      1. re: Burger Boy

        Ah, cool. Never been to Chili My Soul, but it certainly has my vote too if they're the source.

    2. It's kind of far from mid-Wilshire but Chili My Soul in Encino has about 30 different types of chili (though not all on the same day). I'm sure that a lot of them would be considered child friendly.

      1. Head over to the valley to Chili My Soul at Balboa and Ventura.

        Jinky's also serves Chili My Soul chili, but obviously can't and doesn't carry them all, and offers a certain number daily, with a variety of heats.

        1. As others have said, Chili My Soul is a good option, but how about Carney's? What kid can resist eating chili in a train?

          Another good place would be Chili John's in Burbank. Chili is a bit spicey, but get the "mild" version and the kids will love the spaghetti that they put in the chili if you ask for it.

          1. I think Chili My Soul would be the best suggestion as it shows your kids that there are multiple different ways to have chili. Chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian, beans/no-beans, varying degrees of heat, multitudes of toppings, etc.