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Jun 16, 2007 06:58 PM

CJ Olsen - Blenheims coming in mid-week this week

So, agricultural lesson of the day is that Blenheim apricots in Santa Clara Valley ripen later than the ones currently in the farmer's market. So from now on, I will wait two weeks after they show up in Oakland before making the trip to Sunnyvale. Fortunately, the apricots weren't my only reason for going down to the South Bay today,

Anyway, they're coming in this week, and they'll be around for two weeks only.

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    1. Blenheims were available last weekend (6/9-10) and this weekend (6/16-17) from K&J Orchard who sells at the Ferry Plaza, Menlo Park and Palo Alto markets. They assured me they would have them for next weekend as well. Also available next weekend are white apricots, which (like strawberry peaches) have a more delicate flavor.

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        White apricots sound interesting. Thanks. I know it is the same variety, but no farm in the decades I've been buying, matches Olsen's Blenheims or Santa Rosa plums.

      2. For North Bay Chow'ers, you can currently (mid-June) get excellent Blenheims from the Combs Ranch ladies from Oroville, on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at the Healdsburg Farmers' Market. The best I've had in years.