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Jun 16, 2007 06:22 PM

Seeking Handicap accessible gourmet food in Madison, WI?

Why is L'etoile STILL handicap INaccessible? What's the best chow in this town and can I access it in a wheelchair? I love to eat and I hear there's great food here but I'm stumped! Thanks chowhounders!

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  1. I hadn't thought about that. What about Harvest? Lombardino's, while not "gourmet" is pretty good and accessible.

    1. Those steep steep steep stairs were the first thing I noticed about L'Etoile (I was there in the morning for croissants from Cafre Soleil). It's surprising to see a restaurant without reasonable access in this day and age.

      As I recall, Sardine is relatively accessible - we entered from the lake side, and I think there was a ramp up from the parking lot; don't know if there are any barriers at the front entrance. The "aisles" between tables seemed navigatable - not tons of room, but probably enough to get by. Oh, and bathrooms are in the basement, but there's an elevator. This is all from memory, though, so please call the restaurant to make sure they're really accessible. (We loved our dinner there - I recommend the skate.)

      Have you tried searching Madison Magazine's dining guide? You can search for places that are wheelchair accessible (or so they claim...).