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Jun 16, 2007 06:16 PM

Catering at Pier 5 Hotel in Bmore

I've been looking for a venue for my wedding. Has anyone ever been to a wedding or event at Pier 5 Hotel by the Baltimore Harbor? If so, how is the food there? The setting is beautiful but i need the food to be good.

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  1. One of my cousins had their wedding reception there and I thought it was great wedding food(had tenderloin with a wine sauce I believe), but the bride was disappointed given the price (which I assume was a lot?) and some service issues on the hotel side. As a guest in the hotel, the purple corniness was not my cup of tea, but a lot of my older relatives loved it. Congrats and good luck!

    1. Been to one wedding there 6 years ago and I remember very little about the food. That's pretty useless but if there's value in it its this: I can remember quite specifically all the weddings I have been too where the food was extremely good or somewhat-to-very bad, and I don't remember much about this one. So, it was probably decent for mass-produced wedding food but not spectacular. Sorry I know that's pretty lame but since you weren't getting much in the way of responses I thought I'd offer.

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        So now I am curious: have you been to any weddings in the Baltimore area where you would say the food was extremely good?

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          Not really, frankly...but almost all of the wedding receptions I went to in Baltimore were several tiers below the Pier 5 in terms of extravagance (back yard, rented VFW hall, etc). One at Martin's West I was in not long after high school seemed really good at the time, but that's a long long time ago...I was more focused on the open bar. All the ones that stick out as really exceptional food-wise were definitely really insane price-wise and over-the-top in general, and none of my Baltimore friends have that kind of coin. One in Charleston, one in Morristown NJ, and one in southern California. Sorry I couldn't offer better advice, but keep looking. You may want to start a new post seeking recs for an excellent wedding caterer in Baltimore and let that steer your selection process to the extent that makes sense.

      2. I've been to numerous events @ the Pier 5 hotel, but the food has never been memorable. I've long had a hand in the catering/hospitality biz of Baltimore and have never heard mention of catering outfit or chef from there.

        What sort of food are you looking for? Is it a large event? Sit down? Tapas? Buffet? Stylish? Homely and family affair?

        I've been to several weddings in Baltimore (as both a guest and employee) along the lines of small intimate to large scale hotel shindigs. Keep in mind when selecting a venue that many establishments have a select catering list that you can chose from and often times are inflexible to changes or additions of caterers. Also, if you are the second wedding for that day then there are many places that require you use the caterer who is there for the previous engagement (or whomever books the date first gets to choose the caterer for the day).

        I would decide where your priorities lie: food or venue? And then go from there, since you don't want to decide on a venue that doesn't allow your caterer or a caterer who is unable to work the venue with your menu (there are lots of venues that don't have 'on-site' kitchens and so the caterer might not be able to deliver the style or level of menu you'd like.

        All good caterers will do tastings, that's a good place to start, get an idea of menu selections and what you want or like and don't. Remember that a tasting for two people will be different from a dinner for 120. It shouldn't be a big departure but you can't expect certain dishes to 'sit' well if they are on a buffet (guacamole) or look and taste as fresh if they are being passed as appetizers for a couple of hours.