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Jun 16, 2007 06:07 PM

Gene and Georgetti's for non locals

I'm a big fan of steakhouses, and have tried all the great ones in the US with the exception of G&G and a few in Texas. Previously in Chicago, I did Gibson's, the original Morton's and Chop House. Liked the first two, thought Chop House was nothing special at all. I have heard from many sources that G&G is good, but only if you are a local. If you are an unknown, you are shunted to the side and get poor service etc. Anyone else have an experience there that can shed light on this??

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  1. The word on the street about G&Gs is that if you are regular, you get taken care of right. For the rest of us -- local or tourist -- the wait can be long, the food just ok and the service surly,.

    1. I've been to G&G's three times. I had a terrific meal all three times, and in one case, they made something (veal chop) that had been taken off the menu that week. I've generally gone there with coworkers visiting from out of town for conventions, and they didn't know us from Adam. I'd add that they weren't particularly busy any of the times I've been there, so that may play a role.

      I don't think the place ranks among the best. It's good, but just not spectacular.

      One place that never gets mentioned is Harry Carey's for steak. They misfire on some other things, but their steaks are terrific. The dining rooms are a bit overstuffed, but the food is fine.

      1. If you want average food, horribly rude service and you want to spend a lot for the experience then go to G and G's. In a decade of fine dining in Chicago, eating at G and G's was my worst experience, by far. Eat anywhere but here.

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          Actually, Chop House was a worse experience for me than G&G, but I'd never return to either one. Primehouse and Keefer's are both far superior in every way.

        2. G&G is on jfood's "do not return" list. went several years ago and each and every data point was fiar, at best. service, food, value, ambience, just nothing there for jfood to "hang his hat on." Gibsons is better, the server could not have been nicer, even when jfood was a single diner. morton's original, well let's just say that this was the best steak house jfood ever went to but that was in the late 70's and have not been back (no crticism intended, just never got there).

          so jfood would choose almost any steak house over G&G.

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            Love the third person, jfood!!

            I'll pipe up for Harry Carey's as well, the steak is great and the service has always been exceptional.