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Jun 16, 2007 06:05 PM

Toasted ravioli with cheese filling?

My vegetarian daughter and I are leaving on a road trip from San Francisco to St. Louis and back. We'd love to try the toasted ravioli in St. Louis but have been told they always have a meat filling. Is that true? If not, where can we find ones with cheese filling? (Or is that heresy?) Thanks!

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  1. You certainly can get them with cheese filing at the grocery store, but you'll have to look -- i.e., call. I got my last batch at the local Shop 'n Save. (I don't care if it's heresy...)

    As for getting them cheese filled in a restaurant, I've never even looked. You can bet the toasted ravioli's are deep fried in the same oil as chicken, etc. If that's not a concern, simply call ahead.

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      Yeah, I don't know of many restaurants that have those. You can get em' at the store .like Richard said though. I've seen prov and jalapeno and parmesan filled ones.

    2. Fortel's has them. It's a local pizza place, although there's a couple locations (Kirkwood is the best though). I'm a vegetarian too and that's the only place I've ever seen cheese t-ravs. I've ordered them a couple times and it seems to be hit or miss- sometimes they're great, sometimes the inside is still a little raw. FYI fortel's has really great pizza

      1. Unfortunately cheese-filled toasted ravioli seems to be a sacrilege in Saint Louis, but another thing to try, and safe for vegetarians, is the toasted CHOCOLATE ravioli at Finale - .