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Jun 16, 2007 05:59 PM

what are you eating right now?

...just finished a vodka and grapefruit soda on the rocks....which may account for this post. Don't know if it counts as food or not.

Just curious.

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  1. Just finished a bowl of chipotle mac and cheese with a runny egg on top. Might have the same for breakfast.

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      1. re: mojoeater

        Just putting chicken apple sausage on the grill...making a greek salad, warming up some Trader Joe's Garlic Naan and opening a bottle of chilled Pinot Grigio

        1. re: mojoeater

          "a bowl of chipotle mac and cheese with a runny egg on top"
          OMG that sounds SO good...

          still hungry after eating reheated potatoes..

          1. re: LHorch

            I was inspired to make the mac a couple days ago when another poster said her chicken was too spicy from chipotle in adobo. I gotta say, it ain't too spicy for me!

          2. re: mojoeater

            That does sound amazing, can you share the recipie?

            1. re: JSchwo7

              I just made normal mac and cheese and added 1/2 can of chipotle in adobo to the cheese sauce before adding it to the pasta and baking. No real recipe.

          3. home made nut brown ale

            it is my backup for some ting to drink

            1. Just had some kettle popcorn and a glass of pomelo sauvignon blanc great pairing by the way….we went to the farmer's market and my lovely SO is making dinner. Fresh salad greens with candied pecans, peaches, Serrano ham with olive oil and vinegar.. Risotto with morsels and fresh peas, grated parm and some random yummy red wine.. life is good and we are watching the original Rocky..

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              1. re: Lori SF

                Salad and risotto sound fabulous, can I come over?

                1. re: justagthing

                  the salad was amazing.. just the pefect sweet form the farmer's market peaches, salt from the ham and candied pecans a bit of spring oniion and parm with oil home made dressing. I wish you could come over we have enough for three other people. taking a break and now the risotto comes!

              2. Smoked, slow cooked then grilled side ribs, with a decent amount of sauce on them.
                Asian salad.

                Ya, I know they don't really go together but they were both in my fridge and in need of eating.


                1. Just finished a spinach wrap with sliced double garlic marinated chicken breast and sauteed peppers and onions, and cob salad. For dessert - fresh strawberries 'au naturale'. We made the rounds of the local farm stands today and everything was delicioso!.