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Jun 16, 2007 05:24 PM

Dinner in WIlliamsburg - new suggestions? [moved from Manhattan board]

I lived there for awhile in 2005/2006. I'm thinking of getting reservations at Queen's Hideaway but was wondering if there is anything new I should try. I'll be going to Fornino for lunch - I moved back to LA, and other than waiting forever at Mozza, I never get good pizza anymore.

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  1. fornino's very good... i go purist when pizza is well made... and get the margherita classica.

    new stuff opens up in the burg at a pretty steady clip so not sure what's new for you, but notable additions in last year or so:

    dressler (get a glass of wine and maybe some cheese/dessert at marlowe & sons nearby prior / post)
    pies & thighs
    nita nita: cheapish tapas -- though not necess up there with the rest but early eve quick stop
    juliette: for rooftop cocktail or brunch (good croque monsieur) in beautiful space
    fette sau: barbecue from the spuyten duyvil folks

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