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New, top notch restaurants

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So, I decided to start looking around and it seems that everyone, this blog, other blogs even the NY Times and TimeOut are not really talking about new (opened within the past 2 months) top class, trendy and good food restaurants. Need some help with new places in Manhattan below 24th Street.

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  1. Perilla is very new and extremely popular. It's on Jones St. and West 4th.

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      I second Perilla. Check out my thread about Perilla from earlier this week -- I added a brief review of our meal there.

    2. Personally, I try to avoid going to a place that's just opened because I want to give them time to work out the kinks. "New" and "top notch" sometimes don't coincide and I like to give the restaurant time to get on its feet.

      Off the top of my head I can name a few "new" restaurants that people are talking about: the aformentioned Perilla, Soto, Mercat, p*ong. What kinds of places are you looking for?

      Just check out eater.com for more. That is a blog that is obsessed with openings.

      PS Chowhound forums are not blogs, it's more of a community site or message board more than a blog.

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        I also tend to avoid NEW. For example, there are so many NEW casual places where I live (still getting the kinks out . . .). Sometimes I walk by a place and ask them if they're NEW and they say "we've been here a year" . . .I promptly reply congratulations and so you ARE new. So many people have not even heard of Degustation, Perilla, etc. Until the masses are more aware and a place has survived (in a really tough industry with a high failure rate) aren't they NEW (forget the 2 month rule)?

      2. Not exactly what you asked but... Insieme?

        1. Hi....Red Cat on 10th Ave. between 23rd and 24th streets is an absolute treasure of a restaurant!!!! If you haven't been, it's a must go to....you will not be disappointed in any way!! If I lived in Chelsea, I'd make Red Cat my local dinner haunt!!!!!

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            Red Cat is a very good restaurant, but it's been open way more than two months -- at least 5 years?

          2. i'm actually a new restaruant fan. i think it's exciting to be in on the ground floor and be part of the 'working it out' phase, helping new places along in their early days. hell, years ago i used to spend sunday or monday nights in a near empty new place i loved, and over the years i've enjoyed experiencing the cooking go from strength to strength. that place: blue hill.

            two new places i think have wonderul and accomplished food in their early phase, and certainly they have accomplished, proven chefs in the kitchens: dennis foy (tribeca, church st) and bar stuzzichini (on broadway below madison sq park below 24th).

            while not every new restaurant experience is a good one (an evening at the waverly inn in nov comes to mind), there's a lot to be said for taking chances.

            1. The name escapes me, but a nice, well-reviewed Italian place just opened on Broome St just west of W Broadway. Next to the Subway (the sandwich shop, that is).

              And keep your eyes peeled because further down the street is massively hyped Tailor, which could open at any time. And across the street is Lola, where I am looking forward to checking out the gospel brunch if they ever get the place opened.