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Jun 16, 2007 05:13 PM

New, top notch restaurants

So, I decided to start looking around and it seems that everyone, this blog, other blogs even the NY Times and TimeOut are not really talking about new (opened within the past 2 months) top class, trendy and good food restaurants. Need some help with new places in Manhattan below 24th Street.

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  1. Perilla is very new and extremely popular. It's on Jones St. and West 4th.

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    1. re: clashfan

      I second Perilla. Check out my thread about Perilla from earlier this week -- I added a brief review of our meal there.

    2. Personally, I try to avoid going to a place that's just opened because I want to give them time to work out the kinks. "New" and "top notch" sometimes don't coincide and I like to give the restaurant time to get on its feet.

      Off the top of my head I can name a few "new" restaurants that people are talking about: the aformentioned Perilla, Soto, Mercat, p*ong. What kinds of places are you looking for?

      Just check out for more. That is a blog that is obsessed with openings.

      PS Chowhound forums are not blogs, it's more of a community site or message board more than a blog.

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        I also tend to avoid NEW. For example, there are so many NEW casual places where I live (still getting the kinks out . . .). Sometimes I walk by a place and ask them if they're NEW and they say "we've been here a year" . . .I promptly reply congratulations and so you ARE new. So many people have not even heard of Degustation, Perilla, etc. Until the masses are more aware and a place has survived (in a really tough industry with a high failure rate) aren't they NEW (forget the 2 month rule)?

      2. Not exactly what you asked but... Insieme?

        1. Hi....Red Cat on 10th Ave. between 23rd and 24th streets is an absolute treasure of a restaurant!!!! If you haven't been, it's a must go will not be disappointed in any way!! If I lived in Chelsea, I'd make Red Cat my local dinner haunt!!!!!

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            Red Cat is a very good restaurant, but it's been open way more than two months -- at least 5 years?

          2. i'm actually a new restaruant fan. i think it's exciting to be in on the ground floor and be part of the 'working it out' phase, helping new places along in their early days. hell, years ago i used to spend sunday or monday nights in a near empty new place i loved, and over the years i've enjoyed experiencing the cooking go from strength to strength. that place: blue hill.

            two new places i think have wonderul and accomplished food in their early phase, and certainly they have accomplished, proven chefs in the kitchens: dennis foy (tribeca, church st) and bar stuzzichini (on broadway below madison sq park below 24th).

            while not every new restaurant experience is a good one (an evening at the waverly inn in nov comes to mind), there's a lot to be said for taking chances.