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Best chinese restaurants in Queens, not flushing?

We always go to Spicy and Tasty in Flushing, but am looking for some other non flushing options....we stick to shrimp, scallops, squid black beans, breast chicken..no pork, or exotic animal parts (sorry but it's not our thing)..we love spicy, and would like to find some other options...however, we are looking for a clean, reasonable priced, nice atmosphere (not fancy) place that is toddler friendly, as well...thanks for any suggestions...cantonese, szechuan..fine...we don't really like indian-chinese...no white meat chicken generally, and not sure if they douse everything in msg but killer headache has followed our tries of it...we didn't care for Tangra Wok in Rego Park..also, we know about the place in Forest Hills that's next to Sam Ash--thanks

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  1. You may like Jade King at 191st and Union Tpke. right near Cunningham park. Solid neighborhood chinese.

    1. king yum: 180-08 union turnpike in fresh meadows for old school cantonese in a retro polynesian atmosphere.

      1. I haven't been to either of these places in ages, but we used to like Ping's on Queens Blvd. (Elmhurst) for ethnic Cantonese, and East Buffet on Albion Ave. (also in Elmhurst) because you could sample everything in the place and always come up with a few great things (especially the Peking duck). Both are in easy striking distance of Forest Hills.

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          Ping's recently closed, and reopened under some other name I believe..and never made it to East Buffet )that's near to DSW, right? What's good there?

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            Not sure how near it is to DSW, but there's a Burger King on the corner. Assuming it hasn't gone downhill, they had stations for all sorts of different things, some of which they made to order on the spot. They had a stir-fry station where you could pick what you wanted them to stir-fry to order. Their bbq station usually had peking duck. Sushi station constantly being replenished. Good soups, but very ethnic. Some decent dim sum. Raw bar. Horrible Western style food. Weird desserts. The good part is that if you don't like something, you can ditch it and try something else. If you are a big eater, accustomed to ordering a lot, its a good deal. If you are of the small appetite, its pricey.

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              Just passed East Buffet last night. The Burger King is gone and has been replaced by a Commerce bank. It is much easier to see from Q.B. now. You can't miss it.

        2. not for a sit-down but for take-away...when i lived in sunnyside, i would order take-out from Ten Full on 48th & Greenpoint. Everything was super fresh and delicious! The fried calamari is to die for. Even the folks running the place are really nice, down to the delivery guy.

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            I've had Ten Full delivery at work and we love it.

          2. I'm enjoying Grand Szechuan International II, a branch of Manhattan chain, in Rego Park of late.
            Mapo Tofu is excellent, been eating a lot of spicy braised beef. Even General Tso is decent. I recommend spicy cold beef tendon, though it sounds like that's not your taste (consistency somewhere between jellyfish & chow fun.)
            Clean, pleasant, reasonable. Basic gringo stuff (spare ribs, wonton soup) is sub-par. Stick to Szechuan.

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              I've found the food at Grand Sichuan in Rego Park to be of no better than average quality compared to all the other take-away places in Rego Park and Forest Hills. And it is definitely NOT related to the 4 Grand Sichuan International restaurants in Manhattan:

            2. Anyone has been to the new Halal Chinese restaurant in Elmhurst (nee "King 5 Noodle")? There is also a "4 dishes for $4.50" canteen style restaurant on the same block - looks good and fresh.

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                The 4 for $4.50 place is the best one of those kinds of joints I've ever been to. Liked the soup and the small whole fish (sardines?). The lady who served me was extremely friendly if very limited in English.

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                  Are you saying there's a Halal place (Northern?) at 39-07 Prince St?

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                    Huh? 39-07 Prince is Spicy & Tasty. The Halal Chinese place mentioned here is on Broadway in Elmhurst. Opened in the last couple of months where King 5 Noodle used to be. Haven't been there yet.

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                      They're talking about the King Five in Elmhurst, which was at 82-39 Broadway.

                      The King Five in Flushing shares a street address with Spicy and Tasty. The former is at 39-07 Prince St. 1G, the latter at 39-07 Prince St. 1H.

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                        Ahhh, this I should've remembered. So my ol' friend Pete wasn't messing with me...

                  2. Szechuan Cuisine on Northern Blvd in Little Neck is top shelf. Even the bathroom is spotless! They do a good job with the Szechuan standards: hot and sour soup, dumplings, moo shu, shrimp with garlic sauce, and the like. It's on the north side of the boulevard about 75 feet east of Little Neck Parkway - 1/2 block past the Scobee Diner.

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                      Danny's Szechuan ,Cross Bay Blvd , Howard Beach.

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                        Just for the record, the dumplings served in most Szechuan restaurants are generally Shanghai-style (jiaozi/pot stickers or xiaolongbao/soup dumplings), and moo shu dishes aren't Szechuan (I'm not sure--Peking?).

                      2. If I wanted a Chinese restaurant in Queens, not Flushing, I'd head to Elmhurst. Just walk down Broadway from Elmhurst to Queens Blvd and you'll see a lot of places. I think it's one of NYC's five Chinatowns. I haven't been in ages but here are two places I found years ago. I believe they are both still there.

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                          I love your posts, Brian...it's just that we're not that adventurous when it comes to organ stuff, and raw, seafood, or jellyfish kinda stuff...we're love adventurous spicing, and such, but we stick to white meat chicken , and steak, and lamb, and shrimp, clams, scallops, basic fish...and squid...and my husband cringes at the mention of any kind of tofu at all.........but, I live vicarously through your descriptions of things I'd never eat!

                          That being said..thanks for all the suggestions..I think I'm going to check out the place Ten Full in LIC this week, as I'm in that area 2x a week sort of late, and need a good takeout place..will report back...--the Szechuan Place in Rego Park mentioned was not a place we liked when we tried it a couple years ago..don't know if it's changed or not..also, don't like Tung Shing House, although years ago, it was quite decent. That is in Rego Park, also....

                          I also saw that Pings on QB changed hands, what is going on there now? The place across the street, we didn't like either..can't remember the name at the moment...

                          Thanks for the help..keep them coming, I'm going to do a little sample from several and report back...

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                            I'm so glad you like my posts! That's my only reward. Please note that all the places I describe in my posts have chicken and pork and ordinary seafood... I'm drawn to the exotic stuff, but all the places have regular stuff too, and they prepare it really well.

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                              that place across the way from ping's - the seafood place that was next to wendy's has been closed for awhile. it's all graffiti-ed over.

                              ping's - i haven't heard good things about the place, though it's packed everytime i pass by (both night and day).

                          2. If you love S&T which means you like Szechuan, then try Camellia's in Great Neck. It's just past the queens border, a block from the Great Neck LIRR. I used to go frequently a few years ago and was loved the less oily take on szechuan cooking. i thought i'd never go back to flushing!
                            8 Bond St, Great Neck, NY 11021, (516) 829-8883

                            1. Last weekend we tried Mr Tong's in Rego Park (64th and Queens Blvd). Not the best I've ever had, but it is a clean, reasonable priced little place I will go back to.
                              Try the chief's specials: The peppercorn scallops were just great. The fried rice is pretty big and well priced. I noticed the Asian groups got the Chinese menus/foods/chopsticks we foreign devils usually don't get (unless I insist). But I rarely want the very exotic and it doesn't seem you don't either(unless you insist).

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                                  this place is across from Tung Shing House, the old-school standby chinese joint. Mr. Tong's is alright, but I haven't had really good chinese food anywhere along queens blvd in a very long time, except for maybe dim sum at ping's in elmhurst or the ridiculous buffet at east, also in elmhurst.

                              1. Mr. Tong's restaurant on Queens Blvd is a find for real Chines food. We love good traditional Chinese food that is cooked right with fresh ingredients. We first tried the soup buns (steamed Shanghai pork buns) and inexpensive lunches in September, '07. The lunches were very good as were the soup buns. The ingredients are always fresh, the chicken tender, shrimps very good, and the pork tender unless the dish calls for chewier cuts. For example, the twice-cooked pork uses a bacon cut of meat with good flavor, but if you are afraid of a strip of fat running through its center, do not order it. OTOH the ground pork in the ma po to fu ( spicy bean curd lunch ) is tender and spicy. The flavor of the hot and sour soup is really good. Also like the chicken and string beans lunch(not spicy). Mr. Tong's food has us hooked. For regular dishes, so far we have had only winners. The pork chops Peking style are super. The owner is very helpful in choosing dishes. He suggested fresh carp belly, usually a very bony fish with tiny bones, but carp belly has only a few bones and was fabulous. Today, we had an eggplant, chicken, and shrimp dish in a slightly sweet and lightly spicy brown sauce along with a great vegetable dish, string beans with ground pork, mildly spicy in a very different way from the eggplant. The last two Fridays, we had crisp fried soft-shelled crabs(3) that we dip in a ginger-flavored soy-vinegar sauce that we love. We love SScrabs and our standard for them was the Fortune Wheel in Levittown, Nassau, but these are FW's equal. We got to talking to the owner and discovered that he and his head chef were the original owners of Tung Shing located just across QB from Mr. Tong's. In the evening, most of the customers are Chinese so you know the food is authentic and fresh. Prices are reasonable considering the quality.

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                                  thanks for that report..we will definitely give it a try. Tung Shing used to be quite good about 20 years ago, when we were first living in that area, and then they went very downhill.

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                                    Wow, sounds great. Will have to try it.

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                                      Interesting! It sounds as if they primarily concentrate on Shanghai food? I tried looking for the address on Google but couldnt find it. A search for Tung Shing got the address at Queens Boulevard and 97 Street... but all a search for Mr Tong's yielded was this charming poem written in 1894:

                                      The Broom and the Shovel, the Poker and Tongs,

                                      They all took a drive in the Park;
                                      And they each sang a song, ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong!

                                      Before they went back in the dark.
                                      Mr. Poker he sate quite upright in the coach;

                                      Mr. Tongs made a clatter and clash;
                                      Miss Shovel was dressed all in black (with a brooch);

                                      Mrs. Broom was in blue (with a sash).

                                      Ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong!

                                      And they all sang a song.

                                      Oh, and one article that mentioned Mr Tongs also mentioned a restaurant called Wing Lee at 74 and Northern Blvd.

                                      Mr. Tong's
                                      97-20 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

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                                        It's right across the street from Comp USA on QB on 64th Rd, I think, it's one block east of 64th Avenue---

                                        1. re: janie

                                          Yeah, the CompUSA store is at 97-77 Queens Blvd. I don't know what these 64th roads and avenues are. It's probably near the Grand St subway.

                                          1. re: Brian S

                                            No, no, no----dont' get off there, you will be very far away, get the local and get off at 63rd drive and then walk 2 blocks east, and it's right there. It's on the South Side of Queens Blvd, and Tung Shing and Comp USA are on the North side of Queens Blvd.

                                            1. re: janie

                                              Is Goody's still there? That was my first encounter with Shanghai cuisine, and perhaps my first encounter with Queens cuisine, all thanks to Gael Greene's review.

                                              1. re: Brian S

                                                Long gone, Brian. Over the hill and through the woods, all the way to East Broadway/Chatham Square. P.

                                          2. re: janie

                                            FYI, if you are looking for a landmark to find the place, the CompUSA is gone and is becoming a Loehman's...

                                              1. re: janie

                                                Not sure, but several are gone. They also closed the one near Roosevelt Field and if you check their site, there are only 4 left in NY State.

                                                But to keep this food-related, I still intend to try Mr. Tong's. I was too lazy to leave my apartment today. Does anyone know if they deliver and if so are they reasonable about the time it takes to get the food delivered?

                                                1. re: Shayna Madel

                                                  They deliver on a moped, but Chinese food should be eaten fresh from the kitchen to get the most pleasure from it. You also miss the daily specials. Yesterday, we left a show in Manhattan and arrived at a little after 5. Mr Tong told us he had a Yam (taro) and pork ribs dish that we ordered ($15), It came as a generous mound of tender pork and yam or taro mixture surrounded by baby bok choy. The flavor was fabulous. Half of the rib bones were so tender, they basically melted in your mouth. A few bones were hard like normal ribs and the meat just fell off them. They must have been slow cooking that dish for 3 or 4 hours. Along with 2 bowls of brown rice, our favorite carp belly ($12), and fresh orange slices for dessert, an unforgettable dinner came to $36 with tax and tip. Mr Tong's is next to the Rego Park Jewish Center on the south side of Queens Blvd 2 blocks east of 63rd Drive going away from Manhattan toward Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, and Jamaica.

                                      2. King Chef in Whitestone is excellent. It's more of a take-out place, but it's spicy & delicious! Try the shrimp with honey walnuts, the veggie eggrolls, & chow fun.