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Jun 16, 2007 05:09 PM

Best chinese restaurants in Queens, not flushing?

We always go to Spicy and Tasty in Flushing, but am looking for some other non flushing options....we stick to shrimp, scallops, squid black beans, breast pork, or exotic animal parts (sorry but it's not our thing)..we love spicy, and would like to find some other options...however, we are looking for a clean, reasonable priced, nice atmosphere (not fancy) place that is toddler friendly, as well...thanks for any suggestions...cantonese, szechuan..fine...we don't really like white meat chicken generally, and not sure if they douse everything in msg but killer headache has followed our tries of it...we didn't care for Tangra Wok in Rego Park..also, we know about the place in Forest Hills that's next to Sam Ash--thanks

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  1. You may like Jade King at 191st and Union Tpke. right near Cunningham park. Solid neighborhood chinese.

    1. king yum: 180-08 union turnpike in fresh meadows for old school cantonese in a retro polynesian atmosphere.

      1. I haven't been to either of these places in ages, but we used to like Ping's on Queens Blvd. (Elmhurst) for ethnic Cantonese, and East Buffet on Albion Ave. (also in Elmhurst) because you could sample everything in the place and always come up with a few great things (especially the Peking duck). Both are in easy striking distance of Forest Hills.

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          Ping's recently closed, and reopened under some other name I believe..and never made it to East Buffet )that's near to DSW, right? What's good there?

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            Not sure how near it is to DSW, but there's a Burger King on the corner. Assuming it hasn't gone downhill, they had stations for all sorts of different things, some of which they made to order on the spot. They had a stir-fry station where you could pick what you wanted them to stir-fry to order. Their bbq station usually had peking duck. Sushi station constantly being replenished. Good soups, but very ethnic. Some decent dim sum. Raw bar. Horrible Western style food. Weird desserts. The good part is that if you don't like something, you can ditch it and try something else. If you are a big eater, accustomed to ordering a lot, its a good deal. If you are of the small appetite, its pricey.

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              Just passed East Buffet last night. The Burger King is gone and has been replaced by a Commerce bank. It is much easier to see from Q.B. now. You can't miss it.

        2. not for a sit-down but for take-away...when i lived in sunnyside, i would order take-out from Ten Full on 48th & Greenpoint. Everything was super fresh and delicious! The fried calamari is to die for. Even the folks running the place are really nice, down to the delivery guy.

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            I've had Ten Full delivery at work and we love it.

          2. I'm enjoying Grand Szechuan International II, a branch of Manhattan chain, in Rego Park of late.
            Mapo Tofu is excellent, been eating a lot of spicy braised beef. Even General Tso is decent. I recommend spicy cold beef tendon, though it sounds like that's not your taste (consistency somewhere between jellyfish & chow fun.)
            Clean, pleasant, reasonable. Basic gringo stuff (spare ribs, wonton soup) is sub-par. Stick to Szechuan.

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              I've found the food at Grand Sichuan in Rego Park to be of no better than average quality compared to all the other take-away places in Rego Park and Forest Hills. And it is definitely NOT related to the 4 Grand Sichuan International restaurants in Manhattan: