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An abundance of flat leaf parsley

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I think the title is self explanatory - if it was basil I would be making pesto but I'm not sure what to do with excess parsley. Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. What better summertime dish than ... tabouleh! I offer you a recipe:


    1. Panzanella, I think that's what it's called. It's salad of parsley, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and chunks of stale bread. I used to buy it take out from David Wood Foods in Toronto but I've never found a recipe that was as good as his. His had tons of parsley which others seem to skrimp on.

        1. Chop some tomatoes, chop some parsley, make some couscous, add some onion, and then add S&P and olive oil. It's a very light, satisfying meal.

          1. I second the parsley pesto, but you could try walnuts instead. I've never made a parsley oil, but I'd bet it would be good. The question would be -- blanch quickly first or not at all? (Probably not at all...)

            Tabuleh (sp?)
            Matzoh balls

            1. I have a load of the stuff too; picked it up cheap at the market yesterday. I intend to use most of it in the Nigella watermelon salad (you can search here for the recipe). But it also makes a nice salad leaf on its own. Add to your regular greens.

              Another idea is a gremolata, which is essentially parsley, garlic, and lemon zest all finely chopped. Add some olive oil and maybe a little lemon juice and salt, and you have a nice sauce for meat or fish. I might add dried chili too, but that's me.

              One other thought--basic spaghetti aglio olio is good with lots of fresh chopped parsley. Finely chop garlic and some dried chili. Heat olive oil in a pan. Add garlic and chili, let cook until garlic starts to color. Season with salt to taste. Remove from heat, add just-cooked spaghetti and chopped parsley to pan, toss and serve with cheese of your choice.