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Jun 16, 2007 04:27 PM

Rub or Hill Country????

Which one do you prefer?

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  1. Hill Country for superior brisket. Plus HC is bigger and therefore you have probably less of a wait to get a table. That being said, the line to get the meat can get pretty long.

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      1. I went to Hill Country on opening night and it was pretty good. The only problem is that ordering was a little confusing. They ran out of brisket and a few other meats, but what I had was really good. I'm from Texas and it met my expectations. I'd say eat there now b/c I'm not sure NYC will support a BBQ place of that size - it's huge.

        Rub was not my cup of tea.

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          Being from Texas myself, I agree with your opinion of Hill Country. The meats, esp the brisket was tender and juicy. The atmosphere was great and the bartenders in the downstairs bar were friendly and talkative.

          My only issues were the confusion with ordering and running out of items. I've been twice and both times they were out of the corn pudding and some other sides, second time they had run out of brisket and it took 30 minutes for more to be ready. I thought the greenbean casserole needed salt and was generally underwhelming. I liked the other sides I tried... esp the mac n cheese. Hopefully these are just part of the opening kinks they need to work out. I'll definitely be back because all in its still better than most BBQ places in the city, IMHO.

        2. I prefer Hill Country. The brisket is much more tender as is the smoked chicken. I've had a few bad experiences at RUB, so may not be a good data point.

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            1. re: drumwine

              I don't like the fact that Hill Country seems to be one big gimmick. What you have to do to order your food is a little much. That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of the ribs. I thought they were nicely smoked but lacked real distinct flavor. Also, I feel like the place is overpriced. I prefer RUB for they variety, consistency, and price.

              1. re: clashfan

                I don't know, I read the "gimmick" as being authentic. Whenever I've visited BBQ places in Texas, you get in a line, order your food from a counter, and take the big piece of butcher paper back to a picnic table. Seems pretty easy to me.

                1. re: kathryn

                  I agree. It's kind of like calling a sushi bar a gimmick....It's not like they make everyone wear ten gallon hats or boots with spurs while they call everybody "cowgirl" and "cowpoke." Mars 2112, Hawaiian Tropic those are some gimmicks.

                2. re: clashfan

                  Often regionalism and anachronism have the same effect in NYC: the transplantation of an alien entity into the 'melting pot'. If so then everything is a gimmick. Although Hill Country is not as exaggerated as its anachronistic counterpart like 'Medieval Times' would be, it cannot be denied that it does stand out as an artificial attempt to re-create something from elsewhere. So what? This should be as much of an issue as critisizing the East India Company for re-creating a small Dutch city in New World Indian territory. The point should be the food. This place serves sausages to die for, and brisket almost exactly like Black's in Lockhart. In NYC, that's impressive.

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