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Jun 16, 2007 04:22 PM

Great chow along rte 80 betw. PhilPA and Ohio?

Just drove out to a wedding in Chicago, made some detours to alt. routes (rte 30, rte 711). I was sure I'd find some great burger shacks or rib cribs or hot dog huts along the way, but we ended up eating at a Wendy's after adding hours of failed exploration to our drive time.

So can anyone out there recommend a more fruitful detour for our return drive on Sunday?

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    1. There's a family run Italian restaurant in Dubois called Luigi's that's pretty good. Not what I would call "great chow" but more than acceptable considering the options in the area.

      1. In case anyone else is making the drive:

        I didn't get much from chowhound but did cull some promising recs from Based on those, we stopped at Berardi's Family Restaurant on rte. 6 in Huron, Ohio for dinner. The perch and french fries were very good - crisply friend and completely un-greasy - and the homemade raspberry and peach pies we had for dessert were really outstanding. That meal somehow made up for the 16-hour drive (it takes longer when you've got a brand new baby in the car) and the horrible food we had on the way out.

        1. Too late for Sunday and not a shack/hut sort of place, but for a sit down lunch/dinner we always have a good time at Iron Bridge Inn in Mercer, PA. It's 3 miles south of I-80 on US 19. This is about 15 miles from the Ohio border. The folks own several restaurants, including three that are identical copies in different locations (*cough* chain *cough*) but this is their original and still best. We go for dinner and order off the dinner specials menu. Good desserts made in-house, and service has always been really good. Can be an hour wait on Sat and Sun, though, so you have to have some extra time.

          The middle of PA does seem to be a wasteland. Big lonely stretch of I-80 between I-79 and I-81. Maybe someone else has found something. I've only driven it a couple times and we pretty much try to drive straight through there (heading to Boston area usually, or towards Albany).

          1. The Inn at Turkey Hill is near on of the Bloomsburg I-80 exits had a good restaurant last time I was there a couple of years ago. It's fine dining, not road food. Bloomsburg, being both a college town and at county seat, has lots of restaurants, from burgers on up. I seem to recall a pretty good brew-pub kind of place where they had a microbrewery. Maybe someone from that area can help.

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              Bloomsburg does have some nice restaurants.....and there's also the Pine Barn Inn in Danville. Oprah actually stopped there on her road trip for what it's worth. It did recently change hands, so I don't know if it's still good, but it's been a successful restaurant and inn for years.