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Jun 16, 2007 04:04 PM

French Fry Po-Boy

Hi there.

I'm a vegetarian (no fish) and would like to try a po-boy when I'm in town next week. I understand that many places serve french fry po-boys. What are the best places for french fry po-boys? Keep in mind that I'll be ordering my sandwich without the gravy.

Are there any other types of vegetarian po-boys?

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  1. Frankly, I don't see much appeal in the FF PB without the gravy. But it is on the menu at Liuzza's on Bienville and Parkway Bakery.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Thanks, Celeste.

      Do others agree that there's little point in eating it without the gravy? If so, I'll get my sandwich fix on with a veggie muff at Central Grocery.

      1. re: Jackpot

        Honestly, I'm not a big fan of it even with the gravy. Without gravy there is no point.

        1. re: Jackpot

          I'm kind of thinking that when compared to a meatless muffuletta, a gravy-less french fry po-boy might not be so bad after all! 8-)

          1. re: Clarkafella

            Never having had the real thing, it's great. Without meat, the Central Grocery muffuletta is still one of the world's best sandwiches.

            A vegetarian friend of mine just gives in and eats meat when he's in New Orleans. He's declared the city a morality-free zone.

            1. re: Jackpot

              I was just kidding- actually, I could live on the bread alone!

          2. re: Jackpot

            Do you eat cheese? I think it could be good with cheese instead of the gravy. Probably American would be the only option at most poboy places. Cheese, lettuce, mayo, extra tomato, a little hot sauce. The heat from the fries melting the cheese. Sounds good to me!

            1. re: Shiloh

              I do eat cheese, Shiloh. Thanks for the recommendation.

              I'm thinking about going to Parasol's.

        2. though it is not "New Orleans" style, maybe you can take a hint from that Dutch and tray it with Mayo ????

          1. There used to be a little restaurant, not far from Nick's, and Hotel Dieu, off of Tulane, that did a good job. My wife went through nursing school there, and did theirs without any gravey - "dressed," though. Unfortuanely, neither of us can recall the name, and it might well be long gone.


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              saw it at crabby jack's might be a nice little option.