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Jun 16, 2007 03:51 PM

Horseradish Encrusted Salmon (Cena Luna, Healdsburg)

Hello fellow hounds! I had the most amazing 'horseradish encrusted salmon' last weekend at Cena Luna in Healdsburg, CA, and have been craving it ever since. Any ideas on how to make it? Thanks! --Saucy Girl

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  1. Go to Google. Type "horseradush crusted salmon". Click "Search Google". Viola!.

    1. I absolutely know how to make this dish, as I worked ar cena luna for over a year and we made it regularly!
      Panko (japanese bread crumbs) olive oil, parsley, prepared horseradish. Moisten the mixture with enuf olive oil so that the mixture will "ball together" in your hand when squeezed. That's it hon! S & P your salmon filet and press the mixture to the fish, and grill on a flat top. U owe me!! KK

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        And I owe you, too. Sounds great!

        1. re: erica

          hey all, dont forget the fresh lemon zest,and lemon juice!!!! thats what really seals the deal on the crust!!! throw it into a hot non stick pan if you dont have a flat top, dont burn the crust, flip it over and finish it at 350 for 4 minutes for med rare!!!! bon appetito!!!! yvette peline-hom chef/owner.. Cena Luna Ristorante

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            Sounds perfect. Thanks for the generous sharing!

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              Such a generous post. We're lucky! Thanks for sharing...

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                If you don't mind, Yvette and/or KK, about how much of ea. ingredient is necessary for a total of 14 oz. of salmon (one 6-oz. and one 8-oz. fillet)? Much obliged!

                1. re: DKS1

                  Yes, please..How much of each and also,..... Did you mean to brown the fish with the crust down, in the non-stick, and then turn over and put into oven at 350 for 4 minutes? Just want to make sure..thanks again!

                  1. re: erica

                    I tried this last week and am making again tonight... I wasn't sure about the amounts, but realized once i had all of the ingredients out that it was easy to eyeball. I had two fillets, one slightly smaller than the other (6 oz. and 8 oz.).

                    I probably used about 3/4 c. of panko, juice/zest of half a lemon (might have been a touch too much), about 1 T of prepared horseradish (might use more this time), a sprinkle of parsley, salt, and pepper, and enough oil to make a bit moist. I just kept adding a bit until the mix could kind of stick together.

                    It wasn't perfect, but it was delicious still and will probably be better tonight since the first time was my experiment! Good luck!

                    1. re: DKS1

                      Thanks! So you browned on the breaded side and then put into the oven?

                      1. re: erica

                        The correct way to make this is to brown the uncoated (or skin) side in a pan (which should be a ceramic or stainless pan as you will put it in the oven). Brown for just a few minutes. This makes it possible to bake the salmon the rest of the way (for about 7 minutes) without burning the crust. Suggest baking at no more than 350d, again to avoid burning the crust.

                2. re: cenaluna

                  I love you, Cenaluna & Kari Kemp!!!

                  Eternally grateful,

                  Saucy Girl

            2. um, this sounds good. thanks for the post, and thanks for telling me about the site saucygirl. what are great reference!!! i will post my crab recipe soon...jon

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                Hi Jon! Nice to see you here. I hope you had a fantastic birthday yesterday & ate lots & lots of delicious crab. Looking forward to seeing your crab recipe soon.

                H A P P Y * B I R T H D A Y ! ! !