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Jun 16, 2007 03:32 PM

Fruitti Yogurt in UTC (San Diego)

Stopped by Fruitti Yogurt to test drive their yogurt and see how it compared to Pinkberry and Yogurt World.

The decor is a less dressed up version of Pinkberry. Same bright, Miami Vice style paints with little tables and bright lights. They lack the really cool ceiling lamps and display of MoMa kitchen gadgets that Pinkberry has (at least the one in Temecula). Their front counter is virtually an exact replica of Pinkberry with the white counter and section of fruit and crunchy toppings. They had about 6-8 fresh fruit selections and 6-8 nuts, mochi, boba jellies and dry toppings.

They offer four flavors: plain, green tea and I'm assuming, 2 flavors of the week/day. Today's were pomegranate berry and taro. In addition to frozen yogurt, they also have coffee drinks and boba tea. I sampled the pomegrante and taro. Pomegranate was pleasantly sweet. Taro was more subtle. I ended up getting a small of plain and taro with mochi. I didn't notice the server weigh the yogurt like at PInkberry and she gave me roughly 8-10 oz of yogurt. Damage was $3.75. The plain lacked that zingy tanginess that Yogurt World and Pinkberry's plain flavor has. Texture was slightly icier than Yogurt World or Pinkberry. I noticed that after my tastebuds started freezing up, it was hard to tell the difference between the flavors. That is not something I've noticed at Yogurt World.

They way they price their yogurt and toppings is almost exactly like Pinkberry. You get more or less included toppings, depending what size you order.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, although I think Yogurt World and Pinkberry have better tasting products. I also like the self-serve idea from 16 flavors at Yogurt World, although this risks making the store a little messier and stickier. The biggest pro is that parking is not a problem and the parking lot is not difficult to navigate like at Yogurt World.

Located In the same plaza as International Market and Grill on the corner of Via La Jolla Drive and Holiday Court.

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  1. I went here today after work and I must say I really enjoyed Fruitti Yogurt. I sampled the raspberry pomegranate and taro flavors. I ended up getting just the taro with mango jellies. The taro yogurt was surprisingly refreshing. Most taro flavored ANYTHING are overpowering but this place use the flavor as more of a background player. Although I didn't try their plain, I would imagine it being exactly like the taro - in texture (which was icy, but not as much as Yogurt World's tart flavors) and slight tanginess.

    The store is really clean and looked very nice. I loved the lighting in the space, it added to the refreshing feeling I got out of my experience. The woman working there was very nice and when I asked if I could take pictures, she said yes after I explained that I wanted to write about her store.

    Go ahead and give this place a try especially if you go to UCSD and Yogurt World is a little too far for you.

    1. I went here today for the first time and was quite pleasantly surprised. As posted previously, it does have a slightly icy texture - not as creamy as pinkberry - but was still creamy - and since it was hot today the iciness was kind of refreshing. (the texture was different from yogurt world's tangy flavours which i actually find to be a little stiff sometimes) I got the plain snow white which is just the plain tart and also tried dh's peach mango with strawberry and mochi and another friend's raspberry pomegranate. We definitely enjoyed it and are planning to stop by often, especially during the summer, as we find that the lines at yogurt world to be sometimes unbearable (although you can't beat the self-serve yogurt and toppings!)

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        i tried fruitti last night, as i was excited to learn about a yogurt place closer to my house than yogurt world. i tried the plain, pomegranate berry and peach mango flavors. i actually prefer yogurt world's tart flavors. fruitti is good, but compared to yogurt world, it's just not on the same level.

        i love the self serve aspect of yw, as well as the myriad of topping selections, some of which are quite exotic.

        i can't compare to pinkberry as i've never had yogurt there before. i'm also really interested to try the 'red berry' place opening up in the nijiya parking lot to do a comparison.