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Jun 16, 2007 03:31 PM

Stuck in Valencia for 3 months

Unfortunately, work has taken me from the desirable neighborhood of Sunset and Vermont to the less suitable city of Valencia. 3 months...oh where, oh where to get my chow on?

Oh...I am a vegetarian (not vegan)

Incidentaly, I am particularly interested in QUICK lunch places and cafes.


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  1. I pass through Valencia almost every day and it is not really ChowWorthy even for an omnivore. For a veg it's even more difficult. The Whole Foods on Valencia Blvd. has a salad bar which is pretty good and some prepared stuff that I haven't tried but you should probably take a look. Tasty gelato at a low price. Lots of tables inside and out for lunch. I like the new Vallarta Mkt. on Lyons Ave. and the small Villa Maria Mkt. on San Fernando Rd. so maybe you could get a veg torta or burrito? I have not found any Asian places except a Japanese friend likes Maru Sushi on Town Center Dr. whoops that is mostly not veg. Ya got me, hope the 3 months passes quickly!

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    1. re: sel

      Thank you Sel, I really like both Whole Foods and Vallarta, so that will give me somthing to think about :-)

    2. Silly me! I thought you meant Spain when I read the thread caption.

      I'm guessing Taco Trucks and Stands will be your best options. Good luck.

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      1. re: Calamityville

        WOW- that would be a chowhound's dream, wouldn't it? VALENCIA, SPAIN!

      2. If you eat seafood, try Las Delicias (there is one on Lyons and another on Sierra Highway (both in Newhall).

        22928 Lyons Ave
        Newhall, CA 91321
        (661) 287-1512

        27125 Sierra Hwy Ste 102
        Canyon Country, CA 91351
        (661) 250-9207