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Jun 16, 2007 03:27 PM

Casual seafood in Baltimore Tues night?

We are picking up a guest at BWI Tuesday night and wanted to eat in Baltimore before making it home to Frederick. The guest has requested that it not be a dressy or terribly expensive place.

Does such a place exist? (casual, seafood available, moderate prices (like not $30 for every entree), good food?)

Or are we falling into tourist trap/bad food category?

I've looked a lot online.. and so far I'm coming up with McCormick & Schmicks maybe. It's not crabs we're likely to want (unless you count crabcakes for my husband) - our guest goes for salmon.



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  1. Don't know how you haven't come across a rec for Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton, considering how often it gets mentioned when non-crab seafood requests come in. But I think it pretty much exactly fits your bill. Entrees are considerably less than $30, jeans are fine, and food is very tasty. You might also consider Samos in Greektown.

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    1. re: charmedgirl

      I second the Mama's recommendation. I recently had a friend visit from Northern Virginia, and she wanted to go to a seafood place. I took her here and she was blown away--everything she ordered had seafood, from the crab soup to the fried seafood platter with shrimp, scallops, crab, and fish. Bar downstairs and dining area upstairs. Take your pick but the food will deliver!

      1. re: jrussd

        Steamed seafood platter at $9.95 from Mama's is also great.

        1. re: crowsonguy

          If you are talking about the steamed combo, it's $15.95.
          Definately go to Mamas!

    2. I agree, Mama's on the Half Shell is the place to go.