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SD Fish Tacos

Where can I find some of the best in the downtown area?


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  1. P.S. I did do a search on this topic, but it appears that most threads are anywhere from 3 months-3years old.

    Anything new or changed?


    1. You might want to try Tin Fish in the Gaslamp..its casual and right next to Petco Park.
      I like the fish tacos at the Brigantine for happy hour and they are delicious for $2.25.

      1. http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/2...

        There's good stuff South and East of downtown, but this may be the best in your area.

        1. If you're willing to go to Ocean Beach (10 minutes from downtown), most people agree that South Beach Bar & Grill has the best fish tacos in San Diego.

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            Sounds perfect & it looks like it's very close, 7 miles or so...very do-able!

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              Yeah, you definitely don't want to miss the South Beach tacos. Only suggestion I have is to ask for the white sauce on the side, they tend to put too much on.

              Wahoo and mahi are great, as is the grilled lobster and the fried oyster (sounds weird but very tasty).

              1. re: Josh

                My favorite is the calamari. No matter how busy it is and how many tacos they have on the grill somehow the calamari is always cooked perfectly--fork tender. Also, they have a special preparation for the shrimp tacos which is worth a try.

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                  I have been going to South Beach for over ten years and they still are my favorite for fish/seafood tacos. However, I freely admit that I still like Rubio's fish tacos better than most taco shops. Never been able to figure out why...

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                    It's funny you say that, but my friend from NY (He's originally from SD) who we're coming to visit says he loves Rubio's...
                    I think I'll try them out here in LV first! : )

            2. re: mangiatore

              Thanks for this rec. We went to South Beach yesterday and had a great fish taco time. Yum!

            3. I'm now a big fan of the fish (and/or shrimp) taquitos at Guild

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                  they serve three indvidual taquitos and three separate pour-over sauces; i've had both the shrimp and the fish and give thumbs up to both. if you haven't been over there yet you really need to give it a try. the word seems to be out and they are getting busier.

              1. not exactly downtown, but point loma seafood has been my fave.

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                  Thanks that sounds great as well, it looks like we'll have some decisions to make...

                2. If you search around on here you will probably find a few recommendations for El Zarape. I went there over the weekend and didn't find their fish tacos to be nearly as good as they had been hyped on this board. The fish was really bland and dry. The sauce was nothing special and the tortilla was cold and clammy. I've seen it mentioned on here that its hit or miss lately so maybe I went on a bad day, but I was certainly not impressed. I've had better fish tacos at On The Border.

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                    Were they slammed? Quality can suffer at lunch time on the weekends, when the crowds can be substantial.
                    Personally, I like the salsas and the shrimp tacos at El Zarape more than the fried fish. But they are only $1.

                  2. It's been a while since I worked downtown but check out the "Fish Joint" @407 center St downtown. They have a good variety of fish tacos and they were very tasty. I especially liked the calamari option.

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                    1. re: Luigi1963

                      I could spend days alone eating fish tacos! Yummm...

                      I will add Fish Joint to my list.

                    2. We ended up going to the Bluewater, as we wanted some other seafood & such. The tacos were awesome. I can't wait to return to SD to go back.