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Any opinions on La Dijonaise in Culver City?

The menu seemed very reasonable, when I went. I got eggs benedict and the yolk were parfait. But please, tell me about lunch and dinner...

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      Here's a quirk ... your search query (linked above) returns a result for THIS post!

      Sort of like a chicken and egg quandry with a dash of Twilight Zone feel ...

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        This post among others about La Dij, of which there are many. Does no one use the search function anymore?

    2. We have dinner there often before going to the Jazz Bakery. Very good, especially for the prices. Excellent crepe florentine and super desserts. Their onion soup is one of the best around.

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        I agree. For the price it's very good. I always get the steak frites which I believe is just under $15. I like the fact that it's lively without being a trendy scene.


      2. It's good. Not amazing, but definitely good, some dishes more than others. Actually, one of my favorite dishes there is the (near) titular dish: the poulet dijonaise -- a really nice but not too heavy mustard sauce smothering the chicken. The french dip is good. Warm goat cheese salad also good.

        1. Good and solid, not great.

          I would avoid the crab cakes, but the roasted chicken and bouillabaisse are solid choices.

          1. Not bad for the prices they charge. Had the Poulet Piccata -- it was tasty. Will definitely go back to try other dishes. Only wish the fries were of the shoestring variety.

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              The biggest negative is the indifferent service. The food is good and reliable. Just keep in mind that the servers won't be great.

            2. The rabbit dinner's great - they do great things with gravy and stewy things, and potatoes.

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                For the price, good!!! I always get the crepes with chicken and with fries instead of salad! Very tasty!! And I aggree, the onion soup is good.

              2. yes, not bad. but terribly slow service

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                  So true re the service. Just make sure that you are not in a hurry to leave when you dine there!

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                    Have not experienced the reported slow service. We have even seen people come in at 7:30 with tickets for the 8:00 at the Bakery and have been served very quickly.

                2. I think this link is a fair representation:
                  As I wrote, I like La Dij it's a good neighborhood place. I wouldn't recommend anyone cross town for it. I've never had especially slow or rude service. That said, customer service is clearly not their number one priority. Their frites are great, btw. And their pasta with seafood is a favorite of mine.

                  1. The food is so-so (even for the price), a bit bland, even. Yeah, the service is indifferent. The ONLY thing worth going back for is their croissant. I'd much rather spend an extra $3-$5 and go across the street to Beacon. Better food, better service.

                    1. i've only been 1x and it was quite underwhelming.

                      i ordered the croque madame and the bread was uber soggy and the sandwich was actually quite bland overall. is it really that hard to made a sandwich now folks? regarding service, it was indifferent. bleh.

                      i doubt i'd go back.