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Jun 16, 2007 02:13 PM

Mexico DF

Heard Mexico DF was opening this past week. Any early reports?

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  1. tablehopper had said it was opening Thursday, but when I called Thursday to confirm, I was told the new opening day is next Wednesday, 6/20.

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      Yup, pregnant friend was craving Mexican so I gave a call last night. The person answering the phone was a bit more vague. He said "some time next."

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        It did open this past Wednesday. My friend went last night and said that it was very good but pricey.

      2. where is it? is there a website? please tell more!

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          139 Steuart Street. No website up yet. Here's their open table profile...

        2. Here's my yelp review!

          I liked everything about this place! Valet out front - perfect. Don Julio margarita with muddled orange and lime - fabulous. Decor and setting - loving it. Friendly service - brilliant. The food? Best Mexican in the city. We had the classic guacamole, tuna ceviche, quesadilla, pork tacos, carnitas, and some fabulous short rib number. Everything was seriously excellent, although I think the quesadilla, carnitas and short ribs were the most favorite. We left super stuffed and wishing we'd saved room for dessert. With a few quality margs and micheladas and all the food it came to $50 a head including tip, which for the quality of the experience I thought was a great price. We'll be back fo sho for happy hours and dinners. Get over there to check it out! Oh - and you can get resos through Opentable.

          1. hubby and I were there for dinner last night. Unfortunately, I have meetings with out of town colleagues next few days, so a full report will have to wait.

            In the meantime: Executive Summary: the place has true promise,although with a few exceptions there is a bit of a disconnect between the type of food served and style of the place (really, it is mostly food that in DF would be served at taquerias and street stands), and the prices, which are definitely upscale. (Dinner for two pre-tip was $92).

            However, I'd happily pay $10.50again for margaritas of that quality (but no muddled fruit in mine, thank goodness), and the carnitas hovered between very good and excellent. Best of all, those carnitas were served with two of the most delicious, spicy and complex salsas I've tasted anywhere in several years(including Mexico) fear of bringing on the heat here when it is appropriate.(Not every dish is incendiary, however, which is also good news). Anyway, some service misteps, a few rather serious, as one might expect in a new place, but I was willing to forgive a lot when I tasted those salsas.

            Our ceviche, OTOH, was disappointing, as was dessert, though hubby was more forgiving than me on those counts and called both 'nice'.

            I hope to drag a colleague there for a margarita or two when the meetings are over, and to explore more of the menu. Will post a full report later this week.