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Jun 16, 2007 01:54 PM

Best Thai in Nashville

I'm craving Thai food and will need to get my fix in the next few days. Would love to try out some other Thai places in town besides my normal faves. Right now my top pick is Siam on Whitebridge, closely followed by Jasmine in Cool Springs. What is your favorite Thai place and any favorite dish I should try?

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  1. You just named my two favorites. I've always been a panang curry fanatic - try it if you haven't already.

    1. Those are probably the two best in town. I love that chicken-wrapped potato curry at Siam. PM on Belmont Boulevard was very good, but I haven't eaten there in ages. It is so close to Belmont University that the atmosphere is very student-y, so not usually my first choice. The proprietor had the first Thai place in town 25 years ago. The menu is sort of Thai fusion. Or was anyway.

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        I'm glad you said that about PM- it reminds me that recently someone else told me that they have really good sushi. I'll go there soon and try out both the Thai and the sushi and let you both know how it is!

        1. re: sparkplug

          Went to PM last night and can report that it was good. I wouldn't really call it Thai -- it is sort of pan-Asian, or Asian fusion. Good sushi, including chirashi sushi, which I love and is a great value. Very good Thai beef salad, good burger (love that wasabi mayo!), delicious miso soup. The only missteps: I ordered a silly drink called a Summer Evening, which was too sweet, too small, and $11. And our server, like all the employees there, was a little young and, I'm guessing, inexperienced so all the food arrived at different times, with long stretches between deliveries. Other than that, a good evening out that I recommend without hesitation.

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            Isn't the guy that runs pm the son of the people that own international market/resto across the street? I thought I heard that somewhere. My vote would go to Jasmine, if only for seamless service and the fact that it is so nice to have a neighborhood restaurant in cool springs. Being a belmont student, however, I also have to show some love to pm, but mainly just for that burger not thai.

            1. re: notgreg

              You're right that he's the Myint's son -- has a culinary degree and is a highly rated competitive ice skater. But I believe the Myint family is no longer managing International Market. Food quality has slipped and there were no familiar faces last time I was there. I think perhaps the couple working the serving line were Korean. I should probably visit again soon for a re-check.

            2. re: fluffernutter

              Thanks for the report. I definitely feel the need to check this place out now. I love Asian fusion, so I'm sure they will have lots of fun things for me to try. I hate mayo, but I love wasabi, so maybe I would like the wasabi mayo??? I can always convince my boyfriend to order it and then I could just have a little bite....

              1. re: sparkplug

                Finally went to PM last night. Overall, I think it was pretty good, but really enjoyed the sushi more than anything else. We we starving when we got there, and ended up ordering more food than we could eat, but at least it let us get a good sampling of everything. We started with the peanut sauce fondue because I love peanut sauce and I had heard good things. The first few bites were great, but after that, it really just started to make me have a queasy feeling in my stomach. I love peanut sauce, but probably wouldn't order it again unless we had at least 4 or 5 people to share it. Also got the crab wontons, which were just okay. Then moved on to an entree- garlic shrimp stir fry, which we both enjoyed. Next, the best part of the meal, the sushi! Both rolls, the Snake Roll and Miami Roll, were really yummy! I think on our next visit we'll just focus on the sushi menu. Oh, and I also made the mistake of ordering a silly drink and paying $11- the Asian Pear Martini. It was too sweet, so I only drank about half of it. I should have paid more attention to my fellow chowhounder's experience!