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Jun 16, 2007 01:42 PM

Beansie's Bus report w/ photos - Burlington, VT

I stopped in Burlington for a dog and fries at a favorite childhood spot, Beansie's Bus. It looked just as I remembered it. Just the sight of the silly yellow school bus had me smiling ear to ear. Ordered a couple Michigan dogs and large fries. The dogs looked less appetizing that I remembered but the fries looked *amazing*.

The Michigan dog was good, better than it looked but it didn't blow my mind. The meat topping had a nice mild spicy kick to it but it seemed a little dry. It's probably been 25 years since I last had one so I my recollection is hardly vivid so the meat sauce might be exactly as it was.

The fries were as good as they looked. Oh my god... It's probably a good thing that I haven't had fries this good back home in Boston. I'd have had a heart attack by now. The photos tell the story pretty clearly.

My only gripe is that this little treat was served up with a MAJOR side of bad attitude. The couple preparing food on the bus were having a tiff and the fella had a real rotten demeanor with customers. Not the sweet experience I recall from my childhood, but these are not the same owners either.

At any rate, next time I roll through town I'll absolutely stop by the bus again. If I lived in Burlington I'd probably drop by weekly. If you haven't tried this place give it a shot. The views from the waterside benches is very lovely.

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  1. Thanks for the update, KC!

    The fries are incredible, I agree. I'm sorry about the couple fight... I think you witnessed something rare, because my husband and I go quite frequently and they're always so cheerful and nice. If they're not there, they usually have a couple of college age kids working who seem to do a good job.

    Did you hear the new loudspeaker recording they have in the park? It sounds like a seagull dying... it's used to scare off the other birds. I think it's a clever idea, but it takes away from the dining experience a little bit!