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Jun 16, 2007 01:41 PM

Who has the best ribs in L.A.?

Dr. Hoggly Woggly's? Texas BBQ King? Houston's? Oh, and I mean BBQ, not like, Korean for example.

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  1. Mr. Cecil's on Pico (near Barrington and the 10) has great beef ribs. I actually haven't tried their spare ribs. They have those too. And the double fried French fries are not to be missed. They also have a location on Ventura, but the one on Pico is like dining in a little silo! It is very cute. I went on my first date with my soon to be husband there!

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      That little cute silo was one of the long gone Chili Bowl restaurants. There is another one on Valley Blvd. currently housing a Kim Chuy Chinese Restaurant.

      1. Phillips BBQ (#1 or #2) is my top choice for ribs, and all other BBQ meats these days. Adequately smoky, nicely meaty, and the sauce (mixed = mild + hot) absolutely rules. Rib tips, sliced beef, all manner of's all GREAT.

        And for the sake of comparison, Mr. Cecils is to Phillips as...a freezerburned "Drumstick" from a rickety ice cream truck is to a hot fudge sundae with vanilla bean ice cream, toasted almonds, and valrhona hot fudge. They're both "ice cream with chocolate and nuts" but there's no question which one is great and worth seeking out, and which one you'd eat because it just happens to be in the neighborhood when you've got a hankering.

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        1. Definitely NOT Texas BBQ King on Sunset and Figueroa. Houston's are ridiculously expensive and insipid. I've enjoyed the spareribs at JR's on south La Cienega. My pulled pork sandwich at Porky's -- on Manchester west of Prairie near the Forum -- was the best L.A. bbq I've had in the last couple of years, so I'll be back soon with a group to try the ribs and the brisket.