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Good restaurant near BWI?

A business guest is coming in later this week. We will have a business dinner before meetings the next day. Looking for a good restaurant near BWI where she will be coming in and staying the night. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you or your guest likes Thai, I highly recommend "Little Spice" in Hanover. Their Thai food is some of the best I've ever had, and that's saying something. It's not fancy, in fact, it's in a rather non-descript strip mall, but the food is killer. Check out their website at: http://www.littlespice.org/ to get the exact address.

    1. Do a search on this board for BWI -- I remember a pretty lengthy thread on this topic earlier this year.

      1. I did the search but didn't come up with anything that looks reliable or particularly good. Thanks for suggesting it. Still hoping for a great recommendation.

        1. If you're looking for something perhaps a liitle bit more upscale, try The Elkridge Furnace Inn. It's a historic home, built in the 1700s, and sits on the banks of the Patapsco River. Beautiful location, amazing ambience, and the food is pretty good too. I was just there this past week for a large family get together (about 20 people). All were highly impressed. May be worth looking into.

          1. I was going to suggest Elkridge Furnace Inn also. It's probably the only place that's both good and business-suitable in that area, unless you're willing to go up into Baltimore.

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              Don't rule out Trattoria Alberto in Glen Burnie, about 10 minutes from BWI www.trattoriaalberto.com. Although it's in a very non-descript strip shopping center on the drab Crain Highway (MD Route 3), the quality of the Northern Italian cuisine is top-notch. Very business-friendly as well (although not cheap).

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                Haven't been there in years and years, but I'd also suggest Elkridge Furnace Inn.

                If you expand the radius to include parts of Baltimore or Ellicott City, your dining options open up a bit.


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                  I also know that Elkridge now has a small plates menu that is served in the early evenings, around 5 - 7. But you can also order off the regular, a la carte and prix fix menu.

              2. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Any of these business casual? Doesn't sound like Trattoria Alberto or Elkridge Furnace Inn is. Can't tell from their websites.

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                  It would be a safe bet that you could get into any of those restaurants with neat clothes and without a tie and jacket, but phone if you want to be sure. There are very few restaurants even in downtown DC that require "dressy" dress, and if you look OK otherwise (they can see the bulge in your wallet ;) ) they might even lend you a jacket.

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                    Never been to Elkridge Furnace Inn, but have eaten many times at Trattoria Alberto with business casual attire. And honestly, there are VERY FEW places in the Baltimore metro area dressier than business casual.

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                      Yes, Elkridge is definitely business casual. I've worn a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt before and never had a problem. I agree with bordeauxfan's comment that there are very few places that fairly fancy in Baltimore, requiring a dress code.

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                        The only places in Baltimore that I know of that have a jacket requirement is the Prime Rib and the Oregon Grill. I'm sure there may be one I'm not thinking of, but I would doubt there are many more.

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                          I'd also add The Brass Elephant. When I first went there, the host made sure to tell me over the phone that jacket was required. When myself and my guests arrived, all of us accurately dressed, we were sat next to a table of gentlemen, most of whom were wearing Hawaiian shirts; perhaps they were tourists? Either way, they supposedly have an official dress code, but are selective in its enforcement.

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                            Yea, I think the Brass Elephant falls into jacket recomended. I've always worn a jacket there, but I've seen people without them.

                    2. I have always enjoyed Michener's at the Sheraton right at the airport, near the daily parking garage. Good food, reasonable prices, and good service.

                      1. Thanks for your help. Went to Trattoria Alberto. Had a nice dinner. We would definitely return.