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Jun 16, 2007 01:07 PM

Must have meals in KC for 3 nights?

Hello KC hounds,
I will be in Kansas City, MO for 3 nights for work and want to know what are three places I should absolutely go to? I have to be in conferences all day long so can't get out for breakfast/lunch but will def eat out each night. I eat anything and am really excited about the BBQ I have read so much about.
Suggestions? Also suggestions for pre/post dinner drinks?
Also, does one need a car to get around KC? I am staying in a downtown hotel.

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  1. If you're downtown, I would head over to the crossroads and eat at Lidia's ( one night, their daily special of three freshly-made pastas is is always your best bet. Then make reservations for 1924 Main (, really an amazing mix of foods- I can't even describe. For barbeque, a lot fo people would probably tell you Jack Stack (next to Lidia's or on the Plaza) but I would venture to a smaller place, either Oklahoma Joe's ( in a gas station, hard to beat) or my fave, Arthur Bryant's. You really can't go wrong with any of those.
    For drinks close to where you're going to be I'd go to Bulldog ( or Nara on Main to start and always finish with the sangria at the Cashew.
    Those would all be short little cab rides. If you stick around there, the cabs will be easy to take, even to the Plaza a cab ride will only be like $10.

    1. If I were you, I would take a look at and look at the restaurants from the downtown/boulevard, wesport/midtown and plaza/brookside areas.

      As far as bbq goes, Jack Stack is really good and the actual restaurant is very nice as far as bbq restaurants go and it will be close to your downtown hotel. Arthur Bryant's is iconic, but i personally think it's vastly overrated and their sauce is one that you either love or hate. Plus, although it's not far from downtown, it's sort of in a dicey neighborhood. I would also recommend Oklahoma Joe's. Kind of quirky, because it's located inside a gas station, but the bbq is outstanding and the fries are not to be missed.

      1. Le Fou Frog- 5th Street. I always visit when in KC- great food, vibe and atmosphere. Happy hour has great food and drink specials.

        1. enjoy your time in KC
          i'd try Pot Pie, Lydia's and Shiraz if I were coming to KC. Pot Pie and Shiraz are local owners and have great well prepared food.

          1. yes, you will want a rental car of some kind. Taxis are okay - but, not as plentiful.

            The Peanut Bar off the Plaza has a great BLT.

            5000 Main St
            Kansas City, MO
            Phone: (816) 753-9499