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Jun 16, 2007 12:54 PM

Would you cook expired corned beef?

I found a large point cut that I found at the back of the fridge. It has an expiration date of May 20th. I know its preserved up the wazoo. Would you cook it?

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  1. I would if it is still in it's original cryovac packaging with the brine. It will be fine

    1. It would have to pass the smell test first. Chances are that it would probably be OK but it's still nearly a month past the date. Any slight off odor and I'd toss it.

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        I'm with Sam D on this one, smell it. Although I always think corned beef smells kind of funky even when it's within it's time period. Does the package list a website that maybe you could look up and see if they have any information? Good luck!

      2. If it is sealed in cryovac with brine, the seal is fully intact, there is no appearance of mold, and it doesn't actually stink, there is no earthly reason not to cook it. It is probably just fine. Indeed, it will probably continue to be fine for months. As you note, it is, indeed, "preserved up the wazoo". I'll bet the date is a "sell by" date rather than an "expiry" date. Plus you will be cooking it for several hours. There is no chance that it could harm you.

        When I am curing my own corned beef, leaving it in the brine too long just makes it saltier and saltier, and therefore less and less likely to spoil with increasing time. It simply becomes unbearably salty and must be soaked, with many water changes, before cooking. (However, I don't know whether this would also apply to your commercial product.)

          1. Beef is funny even old beef if it's not rancid is just aged and most of the time tastes better.I always look for meat in the discount sections of store cause theres so much more flavor.Meat as a whole is so sanitized in todays world it's a pleasure to have a well aged piece of meat.Smell it it's probably ok if it smells like good old meat.