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Jun 16, 2007 12:50 PM

Oops, bought 11 loaves of sliced whole grain bread

I placed an order from Freshdirect the other day and somehow ordered 11 loaves of bread, instead of one. What a blunder!! It's Arnold's 12 grain sandwich bread. It's my intention to find a food bank for much of it, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for too much bread of this sort. I am not much of a sliced sandwich bread kind of girl, I prefer hunks torn off a crusty loaf...any ideas?

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  1. Whoops! Do you have a freezer you can put it in?

    I'd cube some up and make a strata.

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    1. re: revsharkie

      A bit of a warning - I am not 100% sure about multi-grain bread and strata/bread pudding if the bread has any sort of seeds or large grain pieces - I tried it once and there was something weird in the texture - soft egg and whole grains just do not go together well in my book. I think French toast is fine since it is not as soft. Croutons, breadcrumbs, grilled cheese and crostini all sound great if you cannot give any away.

      1. re: LauraB

        Funny, that's exactly why I like using whole-grain bread for strata, etc: the grain adds heft and texture. Otherwise, I find it too soft.

        1. re: piccola

          I like really crusty bread (which also add heft/texture) in strata, but somehow soft sandwich bread with seeds just weirded me out. I guess it is just one of those personal preference things.

          1. re: LauraB

            I see what you mean. I usually toast it into oblivion first, I think it helps. But you're right that crusty bread is number one.

    2. This sounds like a fantastic excuse to make bread pudding. You can pretend the whole grain makes it healthy! Hmmm... make bread crumbs and freeze for later?

      1. Well there's a couple of things you can do.....dry it in the oven and make bread crumbs. Bake it with spices and olive oil and make croutons. French Toast. Big pan of bread pudding. Stuffing mix.

        I know some of the food bank's around here won't even take donations like that, Maybe you'rs aren't as picky.

        1. You guys are great! Such quick responses. Revsharkie, my freezer could fit 2, maybe 3 loaves. I just hate to waste food. Good suggestions! I'm going to get fat on all this bread!!

          1. Have a crostini party! Cut the slices into four pieces each and toast. Make a variety of toppings like tomato bruschetta, hummus, tapenade, roast beef w/horseradish sauce, salmon spread, etc. Invite folks to bring wine and hang out at your place.