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Jun 16, 2007 12:06 PM

Good restaurants in the Kennebunkport Area?

Hey there fellow Chowhounds:

I'm planning on being in the area in mid-July, and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions re: restaurants.

Many thanks!

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  1. I have reservations at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport in is supposed to be outstanding but expensive!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Thanks Beach Chick, I had heard that too. I'm definitely considering it!

    2. We had a wonderful lunch at Hurricane last year - with several samples from a great wine list. Service and ambience were nice too. We were disappointed in the much lauded Maine Diner.

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        If your interested in a light casual lunch there's a great place in the down town area called Allison's . Try it , My wife and I usually try and get there when we are in the area. Hope this helps. There are many other places in the area but we like that the best. The food is usually good and the drinks are reasonable. Good luck.

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          I second Hurricane. Nice atmosphere, great views, and very good food. The chicken Caesar salad there is excellent, and the fries are definitely worth getting, too.

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            We had dinner there Saturday night. The oysters were excellent and the baked stuffed "rich and ritzy" lobster is wonderful- but quite large so we split it- $45 plus a $5 plate charge.

        2. Our favorite when staying in Kennebunkport at the Bufflehead Cove Inn is Hurricane. excellent seafood. The also do something I have never seen in a restaurant -- you can have ANY wine on the list by the glass, they just pro rate the price.

          Also last time we were there we tried a new restaurant - Bandaloop. Very different and eclectic menu. Lots of fun; great waitstaff.

          Also for THE BEST lobster, it is worth the wait (first come first served) to go to Noonan's in Cape Porpoise about a ten - fifteen minute drive north along the coast. The best lobster I have ever had. A lot of fun, too. Real down & dirty lobster-fest. You sit down order your lobster, put on your bib, it comes on a pie plate and you dig in!

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          1. re: aeros

            Yes, Alisons is great.

            I also love Windows on the Water in Kennebunk.

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              If you really want incredible go to Striper's at the Breakwater Inn in K-Port, owned by the White Barn Inn group The chef, John Taylor, is masterful. We had dinner there Friday night and it was spectacular. I had the halibut with parsnip puree and it was heavenly.It has the absolute best view of any restaurant around, situated at the head of the harbor. The staff is trained to a tee.