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Jun 16, 2007 11:24 AM

BBQ on A Road Trip Through Texas {Split from Southwest board]

GroovinGourmet is on the right track -- I-10 between El Paso and San Antonio is a vast culinary wasteland, really, but if you're willing to make some detours, the best barbecue awaits. If you get off 10 at Junction, you could hit Cooper's in Mason and/or Llano (same name/family, but different places, with the Llano one being probably my favorite barbecue in the state).

The Luling/Lockhart excursion mentioned above would also be worthwhile. My favorites in the four restaurants mentioned differ from GroovinGourmet, but maybe that's because he hasn't been to Kreuz yet :) But therein lies some of the fun of Central Texas barbecue: the general standard is high, and there are a number of amazing places, which gives you plenty of excuses to try them all, then argue about it so you have to go back and try them again, creating a virtuous cycle.

In any case, this map I've made of notable barbecue joints in the state might come in useful for you:

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  1. Nice job on the map, brisket.

    So what should I get at Kreuz? Black's is my favorite for brisket, Smitty's is my choice for sausage (though I am a fan of Southside in Elgin and City Market as well).

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      I like Kreuz's sausage, pork chops and beef shoulder.. but this is some hair-splitting, it's all good :)

      1. re: brisket


        I'm pretty much a brisket and sausage guy. Kreuz will be my first stop after leaving the car rental garage. I'm shooting to hit all 6 spots in the Lockhart/Luling swing.
        Would love to try Cooper's one of these days, but won't have the schedule or gas budget for that long a roundtrip this time.

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Just my $0.02:

          City Market in Luling has the best pork ribs
          Brisket and sausage? Toss up between Smitty's and Kreuz
          Kreuz has the best pork chop and rib eye.

          Luling's bonus is that it is located right off of I-10 and has a wholly unique sauce, which I buy in bulk and keep at home for personal usage.

          Smitty's bonus is that it is open on Sundays, a rarity in BBQ joints, so I can hit it on the way back home from wherever I've been that weekend.