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Jun 16, 2007 11:43 AM

Longboat Key recommendations

My husband and I are heading to Longboat Key for a weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary. Any suggestions on where to have a nice dinner? I would like to go someplace with a good wine list as well as good food and great service. My husband is turned off by miniature portion sizes at quadruple the price. We're willing to pay $$ if the quality and service are worth it, though. Any ideas?

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  1. Well, I have to major qualify this, but I used to love the Columbia there on Longboat Key for their paella. It has been a long time, and maybe things have changed. They are an outpost of the Columbia in Ybor City in Tampa. That maybe is not so helpful, but it used to be a not-miss for me and my sister in the area.

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      Yes, I also love the Columbia -- I've been to the one in Tampa, and I think there's one in St. Augustine I've been to. I wanted to try something new, someplace we've never been. Thanks for that suggestion, though!

    2. Take a look at Pattigeorges on LBK. The menu is mainly Asian influenced. The wine list is great and the service has been excellent for us. I have eaten their twice in the last month and had great meals both times. The prices are not cheap, at least $$ but closer to $$$.