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Jun 16, 2007 11:35 AM

Please critique my list of restaurants


I am trying to arrange a reunion dinner and was hoping to get more restaurant ideas. There will be 12-15 of us, half of us still live in NY (but they make the one that hasn't lived there in 7 years plan it, go figure!) but we have all lived in NYC in our 20s. I'm looking for someplace with some ambiance (not a dive) but not super fancy. It can be any type of food. I tend to like places more like Ssam Bar but realize with this number of people I need to make sure other people are comfortable too. Price range $50-$70. (not including drinks). Nothing too loud. Need to be able to have a conversation since it will be a reunion.

From memory and culling the chowhound site I drew up a list of restuarants that might fit the bill but want to narrow it down to a shorter list and looking for more reccomendations (in case I'm missing something).


Telepan (might be too expensive)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Danal is best for brunch. The food is not worth going out of your way for. Crispo is very good, I'd keep that on the list. Jane has a nice mix of food for different palates, but the food is a notch below Crispo. I haven't been to the others except for Landmarc. I didn't find it particularly memorable, but I haven't been back for about 2 years.

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        Some years ago I planned a dinner reunion for 22 people at Positano bet. 47 & 48th & 2nd Ave.
        The price was extremely reasonable.
        I selected several choices from their menu and they made it up for the guests, which was a very nice touch.
        This was a delightful Italian restaurant that didn't break the bank.
        The manager is Avellino and is very pleasant to work with.
        I also recommend Crispo -- same reasons.

    1. Last night we were at Da Enzo and thought what a great place for a large group. The owner was so pleasant to all our guests and the food was so delicious!! I would speak to him when you make the reservation letting him know you will want the table for several hours.

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        landmark is good for reasonably priced wine the food is edible. Barolo is not the place to go for italian, the food is fair. Intoteca is worth trying, the rice balls i recommend. the others i havent tried

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          Thanks, I'll add Da Enzo and Positano to the list of restaurants I need to call tomorrow! Report back with any further questions!

      2. I recently ate with a big group at Supper and it was great. We had a table downstairs which was more intimate then eating upstairs (I'm also not sure if they even have big tables upstairs). The food is so good and so affordable -- and the waiter was very knowledgable about the wine selection. Overall it was a great choice for our big group.

        1. I'd say inoteca is too much of a scene and generally, it's a hard place to get tables for even 2. I don't think they take reservations. I'd suggest something like Orchard, if you're interested in Italian. Supper's not bad for dinner either.

          The food at Jane is just okay, from what I recall, but is probably your best bet in terms of ease in accomodation.

          1. Went to Jane a couple of years ago for a similar event. The food was good, not outstanding, but they were very helpful in planning the event. Crispo is a little B&T (no offense) and inotecca might be too trendy. I have heard good things about Supper for this type of event, but might be a little below your budget.